What to Do on a Day Off in Singapore

After arriving in Singapore for a job, you can be sure to spend some time alone before you meet and make some friends. During the first few months, most people spend their free time alone. While this is not a problem during the weekdays when work occupies most of the time, the weekends are hard to pass. To keep yourself entertained, one has to keep exploring all interesting things that can be done during the days off. For any person who likes staying entertained, the pointers below will give ideas of excellent places to visit and activities to do during the off days. Read on to know more.

Spending Time in Little India


As some of you may be aware, “Little India” is a very popular place in the city of Singapore. Every person who has successfully processed their work visa through one-visa.com and got a job would like to visit this location. it is even fun when one spends the weekends here. Just take a taxi to Little India. While here, you will like the idea of going directly to the “Mustafa Center”. More so if you are an Indian, you will always feel comfortable here, as most of the clientele are Indian.

Anyone would like to take their time and make bargains on almost all the essentials. It is a great place to get all personal care products. Even most of the grocery purchases are made here. Some people spend a whole day here during the weekends. Being a regular customer at the “Raj Restaurant” in Little India is a great way to satisfy your hunger during any visits to this location.

Bus Tour in Singapore

What to Do in Singapore

As you all know, the city’s transportation system is one of the best and the safest on the globe. Yes, of course they are clean. Although there are lots of options to get around the city, most people prefer to take the city bus tour service as a way to spend a day off in Singapore. There are two reasons for this. One is that you don’t always need to go check what mode of transportation to take, and when to catch the bus or train.

The other is that you need to spend the entire day outside. This two-hour long route on the bus would take at least half of the day. Thus, it would serve two purposes at once. Even after taking so many rides, you don’t get bored of this. However, one can’t enjoy the city overview without a hat and sunglasses. Please remember to get some from the shops at the malls.

Relaxing in Fish Spa


So most of your day off goes like this. You are already tired and need something refreshing to restore the energy levels. Therefore, on the way home, get to Flyer’s ramp, where there is a nice fish spa. Until today, this spa is the best way to pamper yourself to get relief from all the work stress. Most importantly, the attendants do a great job here. Each and every time you go there, the services assures an incredible experience. Above all, it costs just $15 for anyone. What’s wrong with doing it every week?

Overall, any person would say spending a day in Singapore is not that difficult when you get to know the right places. The city has several things to offer you on your day off. All you need is a little money and knowledge of the city.

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