The Pig in the Sea: an Asian Restaurant in BF Homes, Paranaque

There’s a newest restaurant in BF Homes that you should definitely try! The Pig in the Sea offers a fusion of pork and seafood into their dishes which make them really unique. Believe me, I’ve never tasted anything like these before.

The Pig in the Sea

Though it was my first time in BF Homes, Paranaque, I’ve known it as the Maginhawa of the South because of the many restaurants there. Together with Gerald, RJ and Aaron, we visited BF Homes to try the newest restaurant called The Pig in the Sea.

The Ping in the Sea

The place feels cozy and perfect for intimate bondings. The interior looks good as well, very perfect for us millenials, since it is very instagrammable!

Fusion of Pork and Seafood

The Pig in the Sea is an Asian restaurant that specializes in pork and seafood. We tried the dishes that are considered the favorites by the first people who visited the restaurant.

Main Dishes

The Pig in the Sea Seafood Surprise
Seafood Surprise (Php 350)
I could be biased because I love seafood so much, but this one’s really good! This is the first dish I tried and I already can’t explain how it tastes like. It’s something I can’t compare to anything because it tastes differently good! You should definitely try this and taste for yourself! Hehe

The Pig in the Sea Bola Bola Meatballs
Bola Bola Meatballs (Php 250)
We were told that there’s a specific way on how to eat this. First, you have to grab Wonton Crisps, spread the garlic sauce over it, put the meatball on top, then eat it. I’m telling you, it’s the best meatballs I’ve ever had so far!

The Pig in the Sea Pork 2 Ways
Pork 2 Ways (Php 295)
This is Gerald’s favorite among the dishes and you can trust him when it comes to food. Haha! The sauce itself is already perfect but I’ll tell you a better way to enjoy it. Take a piece of the pork cheeks and the spareribs then dip it on the carrot puree then eat them all together. Try it and you’ll be mindblown.

The Pig in the Sea Rice
For the rice, there’s nothing special, I must say. But we were served an off-the-menu rice that was really good! And yes, they might give you something that’s not on the menu. How cool is that? :)


We also tried their desserts and as if the main dishes are not enough to give us a different experience, these desserts are also surprisingly good!

The Pig in the Sea Peanut Ice Cream
Peanut Ice Cream (Php 95)
I am not a fan of peanuts but I’m glad I tried this because it was really good! It tastes like sansrival with salted caramel, if that even makes sense. Haha. It’s not too sweet so that’s a plus for me who has very weak tonsils. Haha.

The Pig in the Sea Ube Bread Pudding
Ube Bread Pudding (Php 95)
This one tastes like a bibingka, but on a different level. Haha. I’m not a fan of kakanins or bread so this is just okay for me. But still, it’s a different kind of dessert that I’ve never seen before. Gerald liked it, though!

Here’s a copy of their menu for your reference. I hope they would also design their menu to match their branding.

The Pig in the Sea menu

The servings are good for sharing, though it might still would depend on your appetite. Hehe. For the price, I consider it affordable because the quality of the food is really high-class! I tried my best to describe all these but believe me, it’s really different. It’s better to try them yourself! :)

See Our Dining Experience

How to Get There

It is located at 63A Presidents Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque. The restaurant is quite hidden but you can see their logo or signage in front.

Store Hours:
Monday – CLOSED
Tuesdays to Thursdays – 5PM to 10PM
Fridays to Sundays – 5PM to 11PM

via public transportation

  • From EDSA, take a bus going to Sucat and drop off at Sucat intersection
  • Ride a jeep going to Baclaran and drop off at SM BF Homes.
  • From SM BF Homes, walk towards the Presidents Avenue and ride a tricycle to The Pig in the Sea.
    • If the drivers aren’t familiar with The Pig in the Sea, tell them to drop you at Presidents Avenu corner Aguirre Street.

For private vehicles, you may follow the directions from your favorite navigation app.

No kidding, what The Pig in the Sea offers are really beyond what I’ve expected. I have never tasted anything like these dishes before, and I totally recommend you visit this place to try them yourself! Of course bring your family and friends with you because everything is better when you have someone to share it with you. :)

The Pig in the Sea

For more updates, follow The Pig in the Sea on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s your turn!

  • Have you been to The Pig in the Sea? How was your experience?
  • What would you like to try in their menu?


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    Richel V.

    November 21, 2017

    I’ve never been a fan of seafood but I’m glad they seem to have many meat dishes – especially eyeing the meatballs!