Reasons to Get a Stun Gun Now

Do you usually have to go home at night? If you often find yourself being scared of some of the roads that you have to take, then you need to find an item that will help you feel safe. Take note that there are some states that will not allow you to bring a stun gun. Make sure that you know the rules of your state first just to be sure. The fines that you have to pay are very expensive when you get caught.

There are different stun guns that are available. You will have a grand time checking out the different ones. Sooner or later, you will find the one that you need. The best mini stun guns can be perfect for you especially if you want something discreet.

Stun Gun or Taser?

Some people become confused with whether they should choose a stun gun or a taser for their needs? You should know the difference between the two. The taser for sale can be used up to 15 feet. This means that you can stop the attacker from attacking you even if he is less than 15 feet away. This will give you time to run and call for help.

The stun gun, on the other hand, would need to be used closely. You need to place the stun gun near any part of your attacker’s body. The attacker will stop whatever he is doing. He will stay this way for about 20 – 30 minutes. This will give you an ample amount of time to call for help.

You can choose to get either a stun gun or taser. Right now, it is best to focus on the reasons why you should get a stun gun:

  • There are different sizes, shapes, and voltages that are available.
  • This can be the perfect self defense material especially if the attacker is already near.
  • If you stun the person, you do not have to worry about the voltage going back to you. It will only stun your attacker.
  • These stun guns do not cost a lot of money.

It is best that you check the different products available so you can pick the ones that will work best for you.