How I Organize My Travel Bag with BAGAIL

Having a petite body frame, I don’t like carrying huge bags because they are too heavy for me. That is why I make sure to pack light without sacrificing any of my essentials.

Bagail Travel Organizers

I’ll be sharing with you tips on how I organize my things inside my travel bag so that they are as light as possible.

Packing Cubes
With packing cubes, I make sure that my clothes are packed in a more compact way to save space on my travel bag, without leaving any important things.

Bagail Packing Cubes

These cubes are very lightweight so don’t worry about overweight charges. There is also a laundry bag that separates your used and unused clothes.

Electronic Accessories Organizers
Since we like to bring cameras and laptops in order to capture our memories through photos, these gadgets come along with the chargers with cords that could tangle and end up really messy.

Bagail Accessories Organizer

This organizer is padded with pockets so it is assured that your accessories are securely in place.

Tote Shoe Bags
I don’t usually bring another pair of shoes because it can be mixed with my other clothes and put dirt on them. But with a tote bag for shoes, I no longer have to worry about it anymore. I can now bring an extra pair of shoes so I don’t worn out the shoes I’m using.

Bagail Tote Shoe Bag

It is made of breathable material that prevents bad odor. It is also waterproof so you’re assured that the shoes are in safe condition. What I like about it is that I can also use it as a laundry bag.

I hope these tips will help you pack on your next travel adventure. For more travel bags and items, visit to get your own. Enjoy free shipping with orders above $49!