Money saving tips for your honeymoon

A wedding is the happiest day in many couples’ lives. But it also requires huge expenditures that strike our budget. Engaged couples and their relatives do their best to provide a spectacular celebration. But what about a honeymoon?

Two loving hearts deserve to spend a couple of weeks alone before they set into a marriage routine, far away from everyone, and it also costs a lot of money (well, it depends on your destination). Therefore, tips for saving money on honeymoon are the hot topic for newlyweds. Here is our advice for a budget-friendly honeymoon.

1. Discuss your preferences and budget limit
Sometimes our wishes do not coincide with our possibilities. This issue has to be discussed in advance. Although there are many ways to save money, some honeymoons require only a budget-friendly planning whether we like it or not. Some couples can afford more. So, firstly, decide which type is suitable for you: choose a country, city, type of accommodation, and leisure program.

2. Add required costs to your wedding registry
A wish list is a perfect invention for every type of special occasion. Instead of giving similar presents, which happened too frequently in the past, now we have a great opportunity to buy things that newlyweds really need. A wedding registry is a site where couples post their list of presents. The more precise kind is a honeymoon registry where you can choose a package you want and your guests can transfer equal sums of money to your account. This is a great way to get rid of banal and repeated gifts and help you saving money for the honeymoon.

3. Choose low season
If you are looking for a better bargain, forget about traveling at peak seasons. Speaking about honeymoons, they are usually popular in summer, as well as other vacations. But in fact, there is no necessity to go in the high season since you do not need to look for single girls for dating anymore. Many couples set off on their journey immediately after the wedding, but this date is set on the high season, we recommend you to wait a month or two for getting a better price. Therefore, plan your trip carefully.

4. Buy a package
Travel agencies and hotels love newlyweds. They offer special packages for saving money on honeymoon and providing the best service and opportunities for couples. Such offers are cheaper and include special extra treat and activities for loving hearts: a bottle of champagne every night, a suite with romantic design (and a huge bed), spa, and many more. Other option – looking for hotels with all-inclusive service.

5. Book tickets in the sales period
If you want to travel overseas, you can’t arrange a budget-friendly romantic trip without cheap tickets. According to numerous studies, the cheapest tickets are available at the end of autumn and up to the beginning of Spring due to the low season of course. In addition, use other tips to save on flight: low-fare carriers, or special sales. Travel overland for not very distant trips. You also can observe beautiful views from your window and feel more adventurous during a voyage.

6. Make all reservations in advance
When you decide where to go, book a room or an apartment. A part of your funds on your account may be reserved precisely for these needs, but it is a guaranty you won’t be nervous about your accommodation.

7. Choose cheap resorts or inland vacation
A honeymoon on tropical islands is a cherished dream of every engaged couple. But they should remember that these destinations are goldmines for the locals who make huge profits on exploiting their homeland’s extraordinary. Bali and Seychelles are perfect getaways, but does it worth it to destroy your budget? In fact, the world is full of locations you can spend a honeymoon of your dream. Some quiet mountain towns or seaside resorts of Canada, USA and South America are great. Moreover, you will be insured from weather disasters, just keep in mind a high probability of storms or tropical rains.



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    January 20, 2018

    I don’t think I’ll go on a honeymoon trip anytime soon, but I’ll keep these in mind. I think this is also great tips for travelling with a partner, not just for honeymooners. Thanks for sharing!

    – Gretch of GG Memochou

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    February 16, 2018

    Are you preparing for your wedding already? Char! Preparing and planning a wedding is surely a really hard task, but most probably be enjoying to the couple too. Thanks for sharing, Mei.

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    Richel V.

    February 25, 2018

    For a girl who’s not even in a relationship, I sure do read a lot of articles about marriage, etc. In any case, I might be willing to spend more in my honeymoon than my wedding. These tips would be helpful then!

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    March 13, 2018

    My husband loves planning our trips. Well, they’re actually not the most planned but I prefer it over the usual tourist trap-filled trips. We usually also book during seat sales, but prior to that, we already have a few places in mind.

    It’s important that the couple has the same taste when it comes to how they’d want to travel. We prefer getting lost in a city and discovering new places. :)


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    July 1, 2018

    When Miguel and I talk about our future plans, I always mention na I don’t want to spend so much on the wedding! I’d like a simple and more intimate wedding, but we have to make sure sa Santorini ung honeymoon. Hahaha!