Under The Sea: First Mermaid Cafe in the Philippines

Being a mermaid is one of a girl’s dream and guess what, you can actually turn into a mermaid in this first ever mermaid cafe in the Philippines, Under The Sea.

Since this is just above Rainbow Dreams Cafe, we decided to give it a visit as well. Besides, we’re with Melissa, the mermaid. Haha.

Under The Sea: Mermaid Cafe

Upon entering, you can already feel like you’re underwater! The whole cafe is painted from ceiling to floor with all things you can find under the sea: corals, fishes and plants. They also have cute stuff toys like mermaids and turtles to play around. There’s even a huge clam waiting for you mermaids! :)

Mermaid Cafe

Mermaid Cafe

Under The Sea Cafe is the first ever mermaid-themed cafe in the Philippines and it just recently opened so a lot of people are coming in. Make sure to come early to get a good spot! They are open from 12:00PM to 10:00PM.

We chose to sit on the floor which gives more under the sea feeling! Hehe

Mermaid Cafe
Together with Dianne, Melissa, Karen, Jamie and her niece.

And hey, they also have this “fish-catching” game that is very nostalgic. Remember playing this when you were a kid? :)

Mermaid Cafe

Mermaid-themed Food & Drinks

What made it even better is the well-presented food & drinks they offer. Everything on their menu are in theme!

Mermaid Cafe Menu

Because I am still a bit full from the previous cafe, I only ordered one meal (a rice meal haha) called Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet (Php 150). However, I didn’t know that I have no solo photo of it. :( But you can see it on the photo below, the one on the top right corner. Hehe

Mermaid Cafe Food and Drinks

But of course, since my friends are generous (haha), I took bites from their orders too. :)

Mermaid Cafe Cajun Fish and Fries
Cajun Fish and Fries (Php 170)

Mermaid Cafe French Fries with Honey Mustard Dip
French Fries with Honey Mustard Dip (Php 100)

Mermaid Cafe Garlic Chicken Pesto
Garlic Chicken Pesto (Php 130)

Mermaid Cafe Sweet and Spicy Pulled Pork Rice
Sweet and Spicy Pulled Pork Rice (Php 150)

Since I can’t each too much sweets, I decided to share desserts with the girls. Here are the desserts that are presented in a very cute way!

Mermaid Cafe

Crushed grahams as sand for this Sand bucket Cheesecake (Php 100)! How artistic is that? I also like how different it is presented from other cheesecakes I’ve tried. I love cheesecakes and this one did not disappoint!


Look at how creative this is! Purple Yam in Coconut Shell (Php 120), which is simply ube jam presented very well. It looks so beautiful I don’t even wanna destroy it. Haha.

Price range is from Php 60 to Php 180 which is pretty much affordable for me. And what makes it better is that you can borrow a mermaid tails (and even clam-shaped bras) for FREE for every minimum purchase worth Php 150. No extra fees needed to transform into a mermaid! :) They even have various sizes for kids and adults.

Watch How I Transformed Into a Mermaid

After transforming into a unicorn, now I try to become a mermaid. And guess what, it isn’t easy but it’s so fun!

It is always best to visit mermaid cafe with your mermaid friends! :)

How to Get There

If you’re going to Rainbow Dreams Cafe, then this is just above it. But here’s a more detailed directions on how to get there.

How to Go to Mermaid Cafe

via public transportation:

  • Ride a bus/FX/jeep going to Fairview/UP/PHILCOA and drop off at PHILCOA.
    • Alternatively, you can ride the MRT to Araneta Center Cubao Station and from there, you can ride a bus going to Fairview/UP/PHILCOA.
  • From PHILCOA, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at #80 Maginhawa Street.
  • You can find Rainbow Dreams Cafe at the 2nd floor of the building.

For private vehicles, you may follow the directions from your favorite navigation app.

Mermaid Cafe

For sure kids and kids at heart would definitely love this mermaid cafe! Not only you get to experience how it feels to be a mermaid, you also enjoy good mermaid-themed food! :) For more updates, follow Under the Sea on Facebook.

It’s your turn!

  • Do you love mermaids and want to become one even just for a day?
  • Have you been to Under The Sea Cafe? How was your experience?
  • If you haven’t been to and want to go, what food would you like to try?

Some images are from Melissa and Under The Sea Cafe



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    October 8, 2017

    Damn, it’s so near. Would love to give that a try but with some friends, of course. It’ll be more fun with equally crazy friends. My husband is not a big fan of themed cafes or restaurants. He prefer having his food on a normal seat… Provided it’s really good food too. LOL. Would definitely try them out. :)


  2. Reply


    October 9, 2017

    This is my first time to visit your blog and I’m instantly hooked! I don’t have many blogger friends so I am not able to wander to different blogs and I happen to see your post on a facebook group. Very nice blog. ♡

  3. Reply

    Bae Milanes

    October 9, 2017

    Super affordable nya. Ako na nagsasabi, super kuripot na ako. Haha. Gusto ko na tuloy kaladkarin si BF dyan. Gusto ko matikman yung pasta & dessert.

  4. Reply

    Da Dominguez

    October 11, 2017

    Thank you for visiting, girls! I hope I can join you next time! <3

  5. Reply

    Dems @ Dearstrangrs

    October 13, 2017

    This is so cute!! They fit their concept and theme so well with their cafe’s design and products. It looks so well thought of and put together. <3 I used to love mermaids (The Little Mermaid was my favorite movie when I was little) but then I never learned how to swim so there's that… haha! -Dems // dearstrangrs

  6. Reply

    Wandering Ella

    October 17, 2017

    Waaaah so we should have passed by this cafe nung nag Streat kami! Sayang di ko napansin! Hehe.

  7. Reply


    November 26, 2017

    WHAT? OMG! I’ve been wondering if there’s a place like this since ang dami na ng unicorn cafes. Beautiful photos, Mei! You girls seem like you had so much fun. Plus, wow the food! Ang sarap! Mygooosh I need to get my butt here asap haha :)