Lagoon Champions: 3 Awesome Boats from the World’s Best Catamaran Maker

When it comes to catamarans, one name always rises above the competition: Lagoon. This French boatbuilder is the world’s number one manufacturer of luxury catamarans, with a distinguished pedigree that dates back to 1984, when it was established as an extension of Jeanneau Technologies Avancées. Today, the company is part of Groupe Bénéteau, the parent company of some of the world’s most illustrious yacht makers.

Ever since its establishment, Lagoon has made a reputation for itself by building catamarans that not only impress with their sumptuous designs and luxurious amenities, but also with their robust construction and seaworthiness. Moreover, it’s famous for being an innovator in its field, coming out with historic firsts such as the Lagoon 440, the first catamaran with a gull-wing shaped nacelle, and the Lagoon 420 Hybrid, the world’s first catamaran equipped with hybrid diesel and electric propulsion.

To this day, Lagoon continues to add to its storied legacy, with two of its most popular offerings receiving highly coveted accolades from prestigious award-giving bodies. These are the Lagoon 50, Lagoon 42, and the Lagoon 46 catamarans.

If you’re looking to purchase a catamaran of your own, but you’re not completely sure which model to consider, then you can’t do better than checking these award-winning beauties out. These catamarans are distributed in the country by Europa Yachts, a representative of Lagoon in the Philippines, means that you don’t have to venture abroad just to see these boats first-hand. That said, let’s explore some of their most important features.

The Lagoon 50

Let’s start off strong with the esteemed Lagoon 50, the catamaran made to sport all the best features of the legendary Lagoon 450 and Lagoon 52 catamarans. With the boat’s striking modern look and impressive presence on the water, it’s no wonder that the Lagoon 50 has already won several major awards ever since its introduction in 2017. Last year, it received the latest notch on its belt after being awarded Multihull of the Year at the British Yachting Awards 2018, which was concluded in December 2018. Aside from this, it also received the acclaim of Best Multihull Cruising Boat 40 to 50 Feet in SAIL Magazine’s Best Boats 2019, whose winners were announced in November 2018.

It’s not hard to see why the Lagoon 50 keeps winning awards. After all, it affords the very best of what Lagoon has to offer, including impressive looks, great handling and performance, and a level of comfort and luxury unlike any other. All these is thanks to the combined brilliance of naval architectural firm VPLP Design (Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost), luxury yacht designer Patrick Le Quément, and interior design firm Nauta Design.

The first three are responsible for bringing out the exterior’s strong lines and confident silhouette, while Nauta Design ensured a luxurious and comfortable design for the interior, maximizing the living spaces for natural illumination and sublime levels of comfort. It’s an unbeatable combo that has already resulted in some of the most attractive catamarans ever made in the past, and the Lagoon 50 is no exception.

As for being a functional catamaran, the Lagoon 50’s got it in spades as well. Its pedigree ensures improved performance on the water due to its excellent rigging and unique hull design. Its oversized cockpit with stern skirts also allow for easier access, while its flybridge offers maximum visibility from all angles.

If it’s the finest in catamarans that you want, you can’t go wrong with the Lagoon 50.

The Lagoon 42

Next up is the Lagoon 42, another world-class catamaran designed by VPLP and Patrick Le Quément. This sleek and modern beauty wasn’t just given an award—it took it for itself, finishing first in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), a prestigious race that was concluded last December 2018 in the Caribbean. This win proves that Lagoon catamarans aren’t just made to look good, they’re also made to leave the competition in their wake.

What’s there to love about the Lagoon 42? Quite a bit, in fact. Its exterior, as mentioned, was designed by some of the best minds (and hands) in the business, resulting in a sleek design that boasts graceful curves and an impressive overall silhouette. The boat is a single level from the aft platform to the saloon, while an ergonomic helm station affords a similar direct line of communication between the saloon and the cockpit. Conversely, its interior was yet again made supremely comfortable and luxurious by Nauta Design, making it a very welcoming and inviting space to simply relax in and enjoy life on the open waters.

The Lagoon 42 is not just a pretty face, however, as its aft-positioned mast and self-tackling jib give it unrivalled maneuverability and power under the sail—factors that definitely came into play in its victorious quest for the finish during the Atlantic Rally for the Cruisers. Also another factor that likely contributed to its victory are its twin 45 horsepower engines, which when combined with a 79 US gallon fuel capacity, makes for a very vigorous boat on the water indeed.

So, if you’re in the market for a catamaran that combines performance with style like no other, the Lagoon 42 is definitely right up your alley.

The Lagoon 46

lagoon 46

Finally, we get to the last critically acclaimed—or hopefully, soon to be—Lagoon offering, namely the Lagoon 46 catamaran. This highly anticipated catamaran received a nomination from the Multihulls World Magazine and its French language version Multicoques Mag as Multihull of the Year 2019 for the 40 to 55 feet category. The winners will be announced on April 24, 2019, at the La Grande Motte Multihull Boat Show, which will be held in Port de la Grande Motte in France. The Lagoon 46 was shortlisted from a pool of more 70 new boat models released 2018 and 2019.

That said, we don’t envy the judges when it comes to deciding who wins, as the Lagoon 46 is a very tempting choice. Heralded as the next step in the evolution of Lagoon catamarans, this offering was also designed by VPLP and Patrick Le Quément to exemplify everything the brand is famous for. First, its exterior boasts a combination modular front and aft cockpit design, a complete cooking area at the back, and a great connection between the front cockpit and the saloon. It also offers safe a practical access to the water, which your thalassophile guests will surely love. For performance, it sports a shorter boom, a self-tackling jib, and a bigger sail plan for better sail area/displacement ratio.

Nauta Design’s refined sense of luxury and style also shines once more in the interior of the 46. The owner suite, for example, is roomy and features an island bed for the maximum amount of comfort. The other cabins are no slouch in this department either, being just as generous with space and luxury that no one is going to feel left out. The boat’s sumptuous finishing and strategic interior lighting tops things off and makes the 46 your palatial getaway on the sea.

Lagoon has proven time and again that it is the brand to beat when it comes to luxury catamarans, and this list of their popular and award-winning boats is simply more proof of that fact. Hopefully, we’ve given you the insight you needed to finalize your decision on which yacht to get for your adventures in the open sea.