Cheese Mookata Buffet in Banawe: Haven for Cheese and Meat Lovers

Have you ever imagined that cheese and meat would be a perfect combo? I’ve tried it at Cheese Mookata Banawe, a buffet filled with a variety of meat, side dishes and of course, cheese!

Cheese Mookata Banawe

It may not look like it, but I really love going and exploring more buffets. So when I discovered the newest restaurant in Banawe, I immediately wanted to try it.

Mookata Buffet originated from Singapore and was brought to the Philippines by Cheese Moookata Banawe. Mookata is a Thai-style barbecue steamboat filled with melted cheese. In Thai, Mookata means pork.

Cheese Mookaata Banawe

It was my first time seeing this kind of grill where there’s also a space around it where you can put water and steam other variety of food. While grilling meat or seafood, you can also create your own soup shabu-shabu style, or simply steam them.

I was excited to see the cheese starting to melt because I really love cheese! At first I can’t imagine how meat dipped in cheese would taste like because it’s very unlikely that we combine cheese with meat, but believe me it was really good!

Rates & Location

Cheese Mookata Banawe

Lunch Buffet: Php 499
Weekend Dinner Buffet: Php P599

Cheese Mookata Banawe

Buffet Inclusions:

    • Assorted Shabu-Shabu Balls
      • Lobster ball, Mushroom ball, Squid bun, Crabstick, chicken Sausage, Gindara Tofu, Seafood Bun, Meatball, Chikuwa etc.
    • Variety of seafood selections
      • Dory meat, Seafood Shells (nylon,white shells, mussels, clams etc.) Squid meat, Salmon Head, Shrimp
    • Variety Marinated Meats
      • Black Pepper Pork, Pork in Oyster, Fiery Pork, Fiery Chicken, Savory Chicken, Spice-Rubbed Chicken, Classic Style Bbq Pork, Plain Salt & Pepper Pork
    • Make Your own Traditional Thai Papaya Salad
    • Unlimited Drinks, Rice and Gooey Melted Mozarella Cheese Dip

They are located at #739 Banawe Street, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City. Visit Cheese Mookata Philippines on Facebook for more updates.

Overall, I enjoyed the sumptuous buffet at Cheese Mookata Banawe! I recommend this to anyone who loves meat, seafood, and cheese! Come and bring your family and friends with you for a more fun dining experience. :)