Get All in One Solution for all your Merchandise Related work with Booker Clover

Clover replaced the need of cash register, payment receipts and receipt printer, payment queues and terminals as well as barcode scanner with a full-fledged comprehensive suite of products. You can easily accept credit card payments, EMVs and even Mobile Payment. It helps you to know your business and clients better with periodic reports which you can run at home or work and streamline your workload

But, is clover right for your business?

booker clover

Clover hasn’t just replaced the old payment system for mostly all business types but, it has also given your business new directions. And the best thing is that Clover solution has a specific system for a particular business. For instance, the very reasonable and affordable Clover Mini has replaced the old credit card terminals which the previous generation had and brings in a much upgraded checkout experience. For those whose business is in the go, Clover brings Clover Mobile specifically for you. Get the complete power of accessing your business in your hand no matter where you are. The pioneer Clover Station is suitable for restaurants, retail stores and boutiques. And, Booker Clover is your all in all business management program which doesn’t just handle payments, but books appointments, attract customers, manage employees and allows you to be connected with your clientele.

So which one of services do you require?

Quick service restaurants

The quick service restaurant isn’t a joke. The employer as well as the employees have to work very fast. Thus, you require a system which takes payments from cash and card and is pretty simple to use. It should maximise your order and shouldn’t go down, regardless of the internet connectivity. If you want your quick restaurant to work fine, then get clover hardware installed on your counter right now.

Full service restaurants

You have tables kitchen to setup your restaurant. But, you need to assign jobs and assign and re-reserve the tables, split payments, include tips, calculate employee level reports and handle other miscellaneous functions too. But with a good POS system everything becomes manageable and super simple.


You own a store or maybe more! And you have a lot of inventory and employee to track. Well it will take a lot of time from your daily life. And surely you cannot be available everywhere, every time. But you surely want to know what’s going in your store behind your back. Well, you know what to do then!
Make clover system work for your business and expand it. The Clover POS system and Clover hardware makes running your business easy and simple. Take orders and manage payment. Handle inventory and track your team. Expand your customer base and do a lot more with just your fingers. The Clover system is very reliable, quick and customizable option. Set your customised rates and tips and see your transactions on your dashboard. And simple text or mail receipts to your consumers. It is more than what you could desire for the progress of your business.