The Best Tita Gift Ideas This Summer Season

Whether you are buying a present for a tita of Manila, a provinciana tita, a not-so-tita tita, or an actual tita, there are many awesome gifts that you can give to the most amazing women in your life. As the heat dials up to eleven this summer, so should you go the extra mile to find the best presents for these lovely ladies. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Instax Camera

Brought to us by Fujifilm, Instax is a brand of instant still cameras that are similar to the Polaroids of yore. Like the latter, the Instax also pushes out a photo paper that self-develops after a few minutes.

An Instax camera makes for a great gift to a tita because how else can she take instant snapshot-prints of her cat or her favorite meals in Mary Grace and Conti’s, ‘di ba? You can buy an Instax camera from, including accessories and consumables.

The DJI Spark Drone

For the millennial tita who loves to go traveling to exotic locales, there’s probably no better gift than a badass drone. The DJI Spark drone is one such gear, which is sure to help any user create the most amazing bird’s eye photographs of white-sand beaches, cityscapes, and sunsets—hashtagged #blessed and #instagood of course.

This drone boasts features like intelligent flight control options, a mechanical gimbal system, and a camera that offers incredible image quality, thanks to its superior lens with 25mm equivalent focal length and an aperture of f/2.6. Best of all, it’s so compact that it doesn’t make you so ngawit when you carry it to Bali, Phuket, or Tokyo. Check out the DJI Spark and other DJI drones on

Aloe Vera Gel

Expect the heat to be so overwhelming this summer, and more so if you’re gonna go swimming in El Nido, surfing in Siargao, or just walking around Cebu in search of lechon and the Magellan’s Cross. While titas should know by now that they need to wear an appropriate sunscreen when doing such activities, they should also make an effort to afford their skin some after-sun care—because, hello, sun exposure with or without sunscreen can still harm your skin kaya.

Now, as you might already know, one of the best sunburn remedies out there is the gel that comes from the aloe vera plant. These days, you don’t even have to juice aloe vera leaves yourself because many skincare brands already offer them packed in inexpensive tubs. You can buy them from the stores of Korean brands like Nature Republic and The Faceshop, and even local brands like Bench.

Coffee Paraphernalia

For titas who love a good cuppa joe, there’s probably nothing better than a nice set of coffee paraphernalia that they can use to brew their own coffee by hand—whether it’s the barako kind from Batangas or a single-origin variant from the mountains of Ethiopia.

Consider a drip filter cup with a matching gooseneck kettle, or maybe a good ol’ French press that looks so cool at the same time. Then again, you could also consider a more fancy drip pot set from a trusted brand like Hario, as well as a coffee grinder so that your tita can grind those precious beans in the most loving way possible. If your tita prefers tea, take a gander instead at the tea brewing equipment that are usually available alongside their coffee brewing counterparts.

Bath and Lounge Set

What’s better than a Sunday breakfast at Dean & DeLuca? Why a Sunday well-spent in the bathroom of course! Consider giving your tita a super fluffy bath robe, bath towel, washcloth, and room slippers from Crate & Barrel, Marks & Spencer, H&M, or Bench. Complement these with a nice bath bomb from Lush, and she’s good to go!

Alternatively, you can also give her a nice loungewear set that she can use while she does her mani-pedis at home. Also throw in a home foot spa set, and you’re sure to score extra points for thoughtfulness.

Tornado Mop

For many titas out there, summertime is the perfect time to get some house cleaning done. Maybe it’s because the kids are on vacation and can thus be used as cleaning peons, or perhaps it’s because she thinks house cleaning in the sauna-like heat conditions is the best form of exercise.

In any case, cleaning the house will be a whole lot easier if they had a tornado mop—you know, the kind that spins when it’s pushed down. This mop usually comes with a special bucket, with one side specifically allotted for rinsing the mop while the other side has a colander thing that allows the user to drain the water from the mop. Awesomeness!

How about you? What are your tita gift ideas for the summer?