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Travel & Places

Join me as I travel to different places that will surely fire up your inner wanderlust.

Food & Beverages

Who doesn’t love to eat? We all do! Life is too short to count calories. Let’s indulge to these mouth-watering dishes!


These are the articles that made me think twice before publishing because they contain a part of me. Personal posts are about my life – friends, family, relationships and career.


Though I am not fond of attending events, I will try my best to go and become part of events that I’m interested with. So, shall we be updated with the latest happenings in the metro?

Beauty & Fashion

A side of me that isn't much seen that often but stuff like makeup and skincare also tickle my fancy.


Find articles about blogging which may include tips and advices, design inspirations and trends, and personal thoughts about anything in the blogosphere.