7 Best Places to Visit in Central America

Recently, tourist trips to Central America have become extremely popular among the backpackers from all over the globe. The countries are cheap and surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

They are budget and exotic – is there anything more desirable for a person who wants to see the world? Many travelers avoid trips to Central America for security reasons: civil unrest in the past still remain in their memories and these countries are still considered poor. Nevertheless, there are many unforgettable sites to visit and such a trip will definitely become a better experience than staying at a conventional resort or surfing the web for online dating. Open your mind to new discoveries. We offer you our list of best places to travel in Central America.

Macaw Mountain Bird Park, Honduras. This nature park and bird reserve is located in virgin part of tropical forest. Here you can get the closest view to rare birds and plants. Visitors have three days to investigate the reserve and enjoy colorful parrots and other fantastic birds. Many of them are available for a physical contact so funny pictures are guaranteed.

Panama Canal. This “bridge” between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean is one of the best places to visit in Central America and probably the greatest creation of the humanity. Yes, it’s an artificial canal, but this fact doesn’t lower its importance for tourists – quite the opposite. Up to 50 ships of different types go through the waterway. This inspiring place is a must-see for everyone who is keen on technologies, transport, and entire humanity’s achievements.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica. Another perfect spot on the map of Central America for the nature admirers. The park covers pure tropical forest with more than 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, and more than 2.5 thousand plants. This wild pristine area also attracts many romantics. Here you can see the astonishing creatures you will never meet anywhere else. It is an extremely popular destination so there is a highly developed infrastructure nearby: hotels, apartments, cafes, shops, and other services, so no, you won’t spend nights in the wild jungle.

Tikal, Guatemala. Ancient majestic ruins of the great Maya civilization represent one of the most beautiful places in Central America. In the distant past, it was one of the largest cities of Maya, so you can imagine the whole greatness of this place. A thrilling look of pyramids and temples leaves everyone breathless. Tikal is situated in the heart of the jungle which makes tourists feel the time stopped here forever, and maybe, it stopped indeed.

Granada, Nicaragua. One of the most picturesque and safest places to travel in Central America is the third largest city of Nicaragua. Granada stuns visitors with its perfectly preserved colonial architecture in Spanish style. Despite numerous of historical sites, here you will find museums, fine restaurants, and different entertainments.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica. Years ago it was a dangerous active volcano, but today Arenal is resting. This situation gave the opportunity for a creation of marvelous green valleys, forests, waterfalls, and lakes around the volcano. Now it is a huge and spectacular natural park where you can stroll, investigate forest or ride a bike.

 Chichicastenango, Guatemala. This is the spot for the seekers of authentic shopping and souvenirs. This large market offers the nicest supply of local handicrafts, accessories, pottery, and art products. Finally, as Chichicastenango attracts thousands locals and tourists, here you can try the best local food which is a huge part of every journey.