Youtube or Vimeo: What Should I Use?

Since last year, I’ve been wanting to document travels through videos but I can’t seem to find time and patience to edit and upload vlogs. This year, I am hoping to do better, and create vlogs but something has been bothering me. Which platform should I use to upload videos? Youtube or Vimeo?

mockup of Youtube and Vimeo screens

Jae helped me know a few things about Youtube and Vimeo that it made me think to list pros and cons so it would be easier to decide. And since I don’t think it’s enough, I’m blogging about this so I can ask help from you too! I thought of factors I can consider in choosing so I could compare and differentiate the two and I ended up having five.

Username and URL

I can’t exactly remember when I first started using Youtube but all I know is I didn’t bother to create a channel because I have no reason to. And I also think I signed up for Youtube too late to get a username.

If you were able to create your account way back, you should have your URL look like this:

I noticed that newly created accounts don’t have usernames anymore. Here’s how my Youtube URL looks like:

That is one long URL and I don’t think I’ll ever memorize that! Good thing is, they do provide a custom URL so you can easily access my channel at:

However, you don’t have 100% rights on choosing a custom URL. It comes with rules! And even after getting a custom URL, once you navigate through the channel, you still redirect to the long channel URL. Some may not be bothered about it, but I really don’t like it.

I never had this experience on Vimeo, because I easily got the username I want, thankfully it’s available. My Vimeo profile is much simpler and easy to remember:

Vimeo wins.


I like the design of Vimeo’s player more than Youtube’s player.

Vimeo wins.

Copyright Issues

I had an experience before where a video wasn’t uploaded on Youtube because of the background music. I don’t remember when was that but I think it was when I created a video presentation for my friend’s birthday. I gave up on Youtube and I think that was the time when I discovered Vimeo. I was able to successfully upload it there and until now, the video is still live.

But then recently I knew that both have copyright issues. Why haven’t I thought of that? Haha

Youtube and Vimeo tie.

Ease of use

Signing up for Youtube is easy because it’s all connected to one Gmail account. But I had to create another Gmail account because I noticed that Youtube gets the username from the name you used when you sign up. It was late when I realized you can change it later on.

Navigating through the settings and how I created a channel, add up research on how to get a custom URL, it was a long process on Youtube. As for Vimeo, everything went smooth and simple.

I have also tried uploading same video on both Youtube and Vimeo. I don’t see much difference on the experience, because it takes time before a video gets published on both platforms. But I do noticed that Vimeo allows you too choose and upload your own video Thumbnail while Youtube don’t unless you verify your account.

Youtube also don’t allow videos longer than 15 minutes if you don’t verify your account. On the other hand, Vimeo doesn’t have video length limitation but Basic users are limited to 500MB of space per week for their videos.

Vimeo wins.


It’s much easier to search for videos and Youtube appears first before Vimeo. If I go for Youtube, my videos might be watched by my offline friends. Unlike in Vimeo, it feels more private and personal there.

Vimeo wins.

Those five above are actually the only things I care about and obviously, Vimeo won if I only have to care about those.

It seems like I want Youtube but I can’t justify why I want it, and I like Vimeo but I can’t let go of it. Help me?

It’s your turn!

  • Do you have experience on both platforms? Which one do you prefer?
  • Should I choose Youtube over Vimeo?
  • What’s your Youtube channel? Or Vimeo profile? I’ll subscribe/follow! :)

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    I don’t think I have much authority to say which to choose, but if it’s worth anything I’ve heard the Vimeo vs. YouTube argument play out like this: Vimeo = creativity, YouTube = content. So, in a sense, people see YouTube as a place where you can find a plethora of content, whereas Vimeo will be a place where you can find videos that center on expression only, without all of the extra stuff. Nonetheless, I enjoy watching videos on each platform.

    1. Reply

      I noticed most videos on Vimeo showcase creativity, and I like watching them. Maybe I’ll upload on both platforms, for these purposes. Vimeo = creativity, Youtube = content. Good point! :)

  2. Reply

    This is also something I’ve been thinking about when I uploaded my first vlog. And I already have a YT account before but I can’t seem to change my username – and I can only use my name which is a no go. I think YouTube can get more views tho as it’s the more popular option. And you can upload many videos per week unlike Vimeo’s basic account. Aside from that, Vimeo wins in every other aspect for me.

    1. Reply

      I’m not into views anyway, so I am not considering the fact that I can get more views on Youtube. Hehe in fact, ayoko madami makakita ng videos ko especially if it’s a personal vlog hehehe weird noh, nagupload pa ko haha

      I don’t think I’ll be uploading too much video that would exceed Vimeo’s limitation, so it wasn’t a big no for me. Glad you still chose Vimeo :)

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    I have both Vimeo, Youtube and Wistia accounts. I started using Vimeo to upload our travel videos and I really like this platform. However, there came a point when I was not able to upload 2 videos due to song copyright issues. It was frustrating because I don’t intend to make money out of it naman and I put credits to the owner. So I moved to Wistia. It was a pretty good platform as well, no restrictions, and it’s mostly intended for professional use. My issue here is since it’s not a common platform, it’s usually unsupported when it comes to blogging. There’s no channel as well (if you want to use it for free) so I can only direct link to the video. My readers will not be able to view the others unless I mention it in the blog. Now, I’m using Youtube.

  4. Reply

    **I accidentally posted the comment, I haven’t finished it yet. T_T**

    To continue, I’m using YouTube now. I was able to upload all my videos including those with music copyright provided that I credit it back to the source and they display adds on my vid. It’s also supported by my blog template. So far, I’m okay with YouTube, we’ll see. :)

    1. Reply

      I am also thinking more about Youtube now. Both have copyright issues I think and you just need to properly credit the owner. But there are songs that are free to use so that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.
      Question, how do you get to display ads on Youtube videos? Do you have to enable it or something?

      1. Reply

        No, I think it’s automatic. In the video setting, it shows:
        “Copyrighted content was found in your video.
        The claimant is allowing their content to be used in your YouTube video. However, ads might appear on it.”

        I really like the feel of Vimeo, but because of copyrighted songs, they won’t let me upload AT ALL unless there’s a proof that I have bought the license. I know that it’s just right but it was only for personal use and I don’t want to re-do the whole video. Haha! I tried in Youtube and there, I was surprised that it was uploaded and accepted given the above condition.

        I guess I’d just be careful in choosing the right songs next time.

  5. Reply

    Vimeo, just because of the copyright issues and how it’s going downhill from there. I don’t have a profile :D

    1. Reply

      For what it’s worth, you’re bound to run into copyrights anywhere. With music/a song, using it in your video without consent/a proper license is similar to using a random photo off Google, in that you risk being fined, sued, etc.

      With a song, the artist, agent, recording studio/record label (if artist is signed), writer(s), composer(s), etc. receive royalties each time a song’s played a particular number of times.

      The rules will be the same anywhere you go; some places are simply less proactive than others.

    2. Reply

      Agree with Liz, both have copyright issues. Either properly credit the owner, or just use music that is free to use :)

      1. Reply

        True, but it’s less of an issue there, than say Youtube’s Content ID program. At least Vimeo isn’t as strict as Youtube. I think that’s what I meant to really say.

  6. Reply

    I have accounts on both YT and Vimeo though I don’t use them as often. I haven’t really utilized both of them yet, so I can’t compare what’s better. I only know that I like vimeo’s interface better. Though I’m not so sure if there’s a video limit or something like what other says. I plan to create vlogs in the future too, now that I’ve bought a decent camera to use. Please tweet me which one you prefer after this! haha! By the way, what video editing app do you use?

    1. Reply

      I’ll probably be using both, depending on what kind of video I’ll upload hehe Na-enlighten ako sa sabi ni Shayne. Vimeo = creativity, Youtube = content :)

      I use Movie Maker. I don’t see the need of installing other video editor. So far Movie Maker works for me naman :)

      I wanna watch your vlogs :)

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    I struggled with this when I was considering which platform would be best for my upcoming web [original] series, and possible vlogs.

    An issue I, too, had with YouTube was the username. -.- I didn’t want to use my ancient username, sabbystabby, since “Sabby” is a nickname an ex-like guy gave to me.

    With Vimeo, another pro to privacy: if you upgrade, you can choose to only allow videos to be watched on your website.

    In the end, I’ll be going the Vimeo route. YouTube, whilst you can make money from ads on your videos, is really unfriendly to people who even want to consider sponsored content in videos. See, for any kind of advertising in-video for a vlog/series, the third-party would have to not only pay the owner of the channel, but YouTube (i.e. Google) as well. If not, Google could very well take down the video. There is also zero control over ads on YouTube. Vimeo doesn’t have any ads.

    I’m also going to be going with Vimeo, because there is an intense lack of quality on YouTube. To make a lil’ extra cash, I’ll be using Vessel, which might be something to check out if you feel like you’d be missing out by opting out of YouTube!

    I simply felt as though Vimeo would give me more freedom to express my creativity, all the while having a really simply interface. I cannot stand YouTube’s latest video player. It’s so, so flawed. >.<

    Vimeo also seems much, much easier to manage. I’m pretty confident I have an account with Vimeo, but I can’t remember my username right now. :/ (Or the email I signed up with through it.)

    It’s your decision, though. YouTube isn’t as easy to navigate and can be pretty confusing. Your videos would rank better in Google’s search engine, but you wouldn’t have nearly as much control as you would with Vimeo. When I asked about YouTube vs. Vimeo, so many vloggers were/are getting away from it. YouTube keeps getting strict with their video guidelines, so I guess they’re pushing away creatives in the process.

    I wish you luck in your endeavors!

    1. Reply

      I haven’t explored Youtube ads yet that I thought it’s something you can easily enable/disable. I hate it when I watch videos with ads and you have no choice but to finish the ad because it doesn’t have the Skip Ad button. But ads can be an advantage to those who want to earn from their videos. It’s really just a matter of preference.

      For privacy, I think that’s a plus for Vimeo. But you have to upgrade your account which can be costly especially to us beginners. Some don’t even earn from videos so this amazing feature comes with a price.

      As for the ease of use, Youtube is realy confusing for me. Bit I think as long as I get what my basic needs are, I’m good to go.

      Right now I am thinking of usingg both for different purposes. Vimeo = creativity, Youtube = content. But we’ll see. I might find it hard to maintain two platforms.

      I appreciate your inputs, Liz! It was a great help! :)

      1. Reply

        Actually, their ads may display no matter your options, especially if the video is of high priority/popularity.

        Good luck in your endeavors!

  8. Reply

    This was a really interesting and thoughtful post (it kinda felt like the sort of internal debate I have when I have to choose between two kinds of cake or something, haha). I think every point is really good, but I have to say that in my surroundings (such as school, but pretty much my entire age group) I don’t know anyone that uses Vimeo for… anything. If they want to watch a video, Youtube is the first place they go. That doesn’t mean Youtube is better, but I figured maybe I’d point it out. I like what Shayne said though so I’m going to browse around Vimeo while I’m at it :D Good luck!~

    1. Reply

      Yes, Shayne has a good point there! :)
      Agree, only a few use vimeo and those I knew were all professional videographers.

  9. Reply

    The downside with YouTube is Music Copyright. Nevertheless it’s very easy to use. Though Vimeo can be intimidating cause “Pro’s” are the ones who tends to use it. Hahaha YouTube still wins for me. Just choose a music that isn’t copyrighted :)

    1. Reply

      Vimeo also has issues with copyright. :( And yes there are music that are free to use so I’m just gonna use them hehe

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