Why I Stopped Blogging for a Year

Since 2007, I’ve been blogging from one domain to another, moving to different platforms — Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. I never had a blog that lasted for 2 years. I kept on moving and maybe that’s one of the reasons why only a few bloggers know me despite of being in the blogosphere for so long. Haha.

But last year was different. I thought I don’t want to blog anymore and just stop. There were a lot of things going on my mind that made me decide to just take a break and be back when I’m ready to fuel up my passion in blogging.

I don’t belong in any niche

I am one of those bloggers who never had a niche. Back then, I only see blogging as an online diary. Until bloggers explored, creating a lot of niches – beauty, fashion, travel and a lot more. For me, it is still the old blogging world where I write about my life and random thoughts and blog for keepsake.

It was hard to find blogs that are the same as mine, which they called “personal blog”. Almost everyone is focusing on one niche. The bloggers I knew before have either quit blogging or not that active anymore. I was lost, I don’t know where to go.

Blogging has become an online billboard

Today’s blogosphere looked like an “online billboard” to me, with all these sponsored posts, that no matter how much they say “products they believe in”, it’s still sponsored. It irks me to find at least three blogs writing about the same product with almost the same words (product descriptions that are required to be mentioned). Don’t tell me you can’t differentiate a sponsored post from the normal product review. Reading blogs filled with all sponsored posts is boring.

I don’t have anything against earning from blogging. In fact, I am amazed that blogging has come so far, we can actually make a living out of it. I’ve also earned a lot from it but the truth is, there came a time when opportunities are overflowing, I just said yes to whatever comes my way. Writing posts to earn money is a chore. It wasn’t fun anymore.

Haters are everywhere

Haters gonna hate. I know, right after those words I’ve written above, you probably thought I’m a hater. Of course, I hate, it’s normal for people to hate things. As they say you can’t please anyone. We have our own opinion and we should respect that. But it seems like we forget that. We hate but we don’t want to be hated.

Gone were the days when we don’t care about our grammar, when we can even blog in Filipino, when we can blog about anything under the sun. No, today, we have to be careful with everything we say because we don’t want to receive hate messages from netizens. If that’s the case, how can I say I can blog what I want?

But I really want to blog so I’m coming back

Maybe it’s true, that “Once a blogger, always a blogger.” So here I am again with another attempt in setting my feet (or rather hands?) back to blogging. I may not be under a specific niche but I like it that way. I like that I can blog about all the blogging niches. I may write a sponsored review but I will make sure that it would not be bothersome not just for you but for me. I won’t let these sponsored posts bore me that would eventually make me leave the blogosphere again. Lastly, I may have a lot of haters (or not, since I am not famous haha) but I am hoping I could get pass through them and just don’t mind them at all.

Being away from the blogosphere for a year made me enjoy my offline life much better. I still post on social media a few times but it wasn’t as detailed as how I would have blogged it. Now, I learned to live life more and enjoy every moment of it, whether it goes online or not.

How about you?

  • How long have you been blogging? Have you also thought of stopping?
  • What do you think of the blogging niches? In what niche is your blog under?
  • How do you accept blog opportunities without it being a chore?
  • How do you handle haters?

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    I have been blogging ever since Multiply ata? I’m not sure. But I guess writing in general has always been a special place in my heart that whenever I see a platform where I can pour out my heart, I would try it. Livejournal, tumblr, blogger/blogspot, wordpress, OMG! Almost lahat na. Haha. But I’m glad I never stopped. I guess you’re right. Once a blogger, always a blogger. And sometimes it’s not about the readers. It’s about you and your little blogosphere. The only reason I keep my blog is for myself. It’s like my online diary. And through it, I get to relive the joyous moments of my life, also the bad experiences. But that’s a good thing for me, because every time I look back at my own blog entries, I see my present self’s growth.

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      I haven’t tried Livejournal! Ang natry ko, Xanga ata yun. Haha. Good for you, you were able to continue blogging. And yes, it’s about writing for yourself. Kaya siguro lagi ako bumabalik sa pagbablog, because I want to write and keep memories. Also, blogger friends always make me want to go back to blogging!

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    I took a blogging break for six years. :’D I stopped in 2007 and I came back in January 2014. I was lucky to have been able to buy the same domain too! I left the first time because the bloggers I followed back then were too mean-spirited and fought with others too much, It took the fun out of blogging. I had also started college so I didn’t have as much time to blog. And since the only time I did get to go online, people were fighting, I felt like I had to go.

    I did miss it eventually, so I came back. I think this time if I do feel like leaving again, I’ll still keep my blog up. That way, I can keep coming back. I still don’t have a niche either. I think nicheless blogging is awesome, and I’m all for it. :D

    I’ve also seen multiple bloggers write about the same product in one week. It feels so awkward, especially when I’ve commented on one of them.

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      Hi Mei! I’ve been blogging “diary style” since 2004. I decided to take a break in 2013 because, like you, I couldn’t deal with the “pressure” of it especially since I just moved and was still adjusting to Singapore. Not that there’s literal pressure naman, but more of because I couldn’t see how I aligned with the current situation where blogs were more niche-focused and sponsorship-driven. I wanted to post long essays but I also want to post OOTDs and food reviews but I wasn’t sure how my audience would respond. I came back because there was still so much blog posts to be written, I was itching to write, no matter how “mundane” and “out of topic” it was. I realized that my blog was first and foremost for me (no matter how awesome/horrible it meant for my traffic). And it’s great finding more people embracing being niche-less too! Cheers to us!


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        Hi Reg, you don’t need to worry about how your audience will respond. It’s your blog anyway. You write for yourself, that comes first. :)

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      What? Six years! I couldn’t imagine myself not blogging that long. I think even if I already have kids, and stuff, I’ll still continue to blog, but maybe take breaks haha

      I wasn’t aware of all the fights, or maybe I just didn’t care? Hehe that’s exhausting! But thinking about it, I think that was better, bloggers being vocal to what they want to say, instead of being plastic to one another and pretend you both like each other.

      As for the sponsored posts, I think it’s okay to write about the same product, but what’s a little annoying is the scripted lines. I don’t know why there are advertisers who still give instructions, like it’s a press release or something.

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    I have a similar blog post like this that has long been sitting on my drafts that I’m yet to finish. I can totally relate to this post. Like you, I owned a lot of blogs back then, and I’m making that as a reason why I didn’t build any identity even after a long time here in blogosphere. Now, I’m trying so hard to stick with my current name. I can’t think of an applicable blog niche for me either. I will forever love personal blogging, I sometimes call it lifestyle blogging para mejo maganda lang pakinggan. haha! I was very keen to earn money from blogging before, and I actually did. But yes, it’s starting to get boring and I lost the fun. Then I stopped. Today, I still accept sponsored posts and other form of blog partnerships kasi it helps a lot financially, but I do it with reservations na. As much as possible I only get what I’m interested to, or I only register my blog to a few blog earning sites.

    One of the reasons why I don’t share my blog’s URL to my personal facebook account (though some of my friends know my blog already), is because of the negative judgement I can possibly get from other people. I admit I don’t write very well, talk about grammar and sentence construction, and I don’t have photography skills just yet. But I am slowly convincing myself to stop hiding and be myself instead. Coz, who cares?

    Hopefully mas matagal na natin magamit domains natin this time! haha!

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      I have also decided to choose carefully when it comes to blog opportunities. Dati kasi, basta may kikitain, go lang ako ng go. Hanggang sa ayun tinamad na kasi puro yun nalang laman ng blog ko. Haha.

      I admire you for finally sharing your blog to your friends! Ako, hindi ko ata kaya talaga gawin yun. Hahaha kahit sa twitter, kinailangan ko gumawa ng bagong account para makapagshare ng posts. Haha.

      Yes, hoping for the best! :) And ipublish mo na din yung blogpost mong ganto :)

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    I’ve been blogging for only four months with intent to be a travel blog but ended up somewhere between the personal/lifestyle niche and just plain nicheless. I’m thinking of changing my domain now but I can’t think of any new domain name yet plus my SEO will be messed up. I guess I’ll just think about that when my current domain name’s expiration date come a peeking, haha. As for sponsors, I had only one so far and it’s about an online dating site. Which was very weird since my blog has no hint of interest regarding relationships. I had to say no. I had seen some blogs with sponsored posts that is in no way part of their ‘niche’ or ‘theme’. It’s really weird, especially if the posts is in many blogs, like you said. I just ended up scrolling past them on my Bloglovin’ feed. I don’t have haters! Yey!

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      Maybe you could have a travel and lifestyle blog? Hehe Sayang naman yung domain mo. Honestly, I don’t really care much about SEO haha but I think you can have some workarounds naman in case you change your domain name. Let me know if you do, para maupdate ko blogroll ko hehe

      Ang weird naman nung sa dating advertisement. Haha. I would also say no to that! I learned now, that you have to choose what to blog, especially if it’s sponsored. I think it’s just okay to write about the same topic, as long as it’s written with still the blogger’s thoughts intact. Yung iba kasi prang press release na.

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    I’ve been blogging like legit blogging for 1 year already! Yeyy! Haha! I started a blog in Tumblr way back 2011 during my 3rd year in high school, but just like everyone else it was a reblog blog. Back then I have no idea that personal blogs exist. It was April 2014 thanks to my curiosity and to bloggers that inspired me, I finally created my own blog.

    I tried blogger, but after a few months I grew tired of it cos it’s really complicated, I decided to transfer to Tumblr, and until now I’m still blogging at Tumblr, though there were times, that I just want to stop blogging cos it feels like I don’t belong, Feeling ko napag-iiwanan ako, Hahaha! and I know that it’s bad to feel this way but I can’t help it but to feel insecure, I keep on comparing myself to other people (I always put in mind to not compare my chapter 1 to other people’s chapter 10), It feels like I’m not that creative when it comes to my blog content and my blog’s name, Uhm, I don’t have a pretty layout, My photos sucks, and I am not good in English grammar. Haha! But thanks to Blogging, it opened my eyes to a lot of things, beautiful things. I got to see the real world. I got to know a lot of people by just reading their blog and it’s freaking amazing. Hooray for personal blogs/bloggers!!!!!!!!!

    One of the reasons why I love being a niche-less blog and just being a personal blog is that there’s nothing more wonderful than sharing your adventures, the things that made you happy and sad and you know, sharing a bit of your life in the interweb and meeting awesome people! Hehehe! Also, I hate haters who bash you for your little mistakes, good thing I don’t have one—yet. Hahaha joke

    Hi, Ate Mei! New blog reader–not really ‘new’ cos I came across your blog last December and I just have the nerve to comment on your posts. Hehehe!

    1. Reply

      Wow, congrats for making it to 1 year! Wishing you more blogging years! :) Don’t feel insecure, and don’t compare yourself or your blog to others. You simply need to keep doing it and sooner you’ll improve. :) As for your blog’s content, just write about whatever you want, it’s your blog anyway. :) I can help you with your blog’s layout, feel free to ask me anything :)

      Thanks for dropping by, Tel! Don’t be shy leaving comments, I love to meet new bloggers! :)

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    Its ok to take a break from blogging! I call it a Blogger’s Sabbath! I did that for a year between 2012 – 2013 as well, but I keep my blog active by getting my instagram to be posted to my blog. I think you’ve nailed a lot of the points on what the blogosphere has become and graduated to. People get jealous of one another, or quick to judge how someone is running their blogs ethically or non-ethically. Either way, IMO everyone is entitled to managing their own stuff their own way. I know your point about not belonging to any niche! But I have started to see the value of being a little more niche-y… so that’s the path I am going down on discovering at this time :D

    1. Reply

      Wishing you luck on the niche you’re going into! :) Correct me if I’m wrong, is it going under the food category? :)

      Blogger’s Sabbath, quite an interesting term for a blogging break! :)

      Maybe we just can’t avoid jealousy. But I hope people would handle it appropriately.

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    I’m glad you’re back! I blog because I need an outlet and I want to connect with people with similar experiences or just in general. It’s okay to take a break when you need it. We all need breaks from things. Don’t worry too much about it, you know?

    1. Reply

      Thank you, Michelle, I certainly feel relieved that I took a break. It feels so much better! :)
      Maybe even though I would take a break again, I will still come back because it is also one of my outlets, and I keep memories through my blog. :)

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    I was blogging since Friendster and Multiply days. Haha. Both these platforms are gone now, I dunno kung naabutan mo pa. :)

    We have some similar sentiments here kaya hindi rin ako consistent. I enjoy reading posts that are relatable and real, usually those are personal posts. Now, I seldom see blogs like that. I love to travel and I thought I’d try to make my blog all travel related last year but then I realized I am more than that so I got confused and frustrated and abandoned my blog. But I missed writing, so now I’m starting anew. Balik sa dati, nicheless, and it’s okay. As long as we’re happy and it feels right, let’s blog for love.

    1. Reply

      Of course, naabutan ko pa ang Friendster at Multiply! Haha I didn’t get to blog there though. Haha.

      Wow, I like that, let’s blog for love! :) As long as we’re happy, we can blog whatever we like. I believe it’s really okay for a blog to be nicheless. Iniisip ko palang, parang masstress ako kung nakafocus lang ako sa isang niche. Example travel blog, so kailangan mejo consistent ako with travelling? Hehe

      Hooray for our nichless blogs! :)

      1. Reply

        Tomo! Mas consistent pa ako kumain kesa magtravel eh. Pero di ko naman keri mag food blog. Haha!

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    That is so nice Mei that you went back and I met you. (Naks) It a new found friendship. :)
    1. I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years now and I too got fickled in what platforms to use. Ended up almost trying most of them. I also thought of stopping but then, I just really love sharing my life once in while to others and making new friends.
    2. I am more of the personal type of blogger. I usually get fascinated by a lot of stuff, so I just add the others once in a while.
    3. I started blogging more about myself for the past years, but since blogging started to be one source of a part time I kinda see it fun and sometimes adding to my stress because some have a lot of deadline. But that’s being a blogger. Haha.
    4. Yah, we know that we are not that famous but there are really those kind of people who just seems so bored with their life that they tend to bash others, well that is what makes us improve ourselves and be able to know how we can maturely face them. We really don’t want starting a war in the online world ayt?

    So keep inspiring Mei and thanks for the new found friendship. Keep in touch dearie. xoxo.

    Spices + Everything Nice | http://www.ajeinomoto.com

    1. Reply

      Wow, you’ve been blogging for so long na din pala, pero it’s just recently that I found your blog. Blogging should not be stressful. Take it easy :)

      There are really those kind of people, wag nalang talagang papaapekto. Hehe

      Yay! I love meeting new blogger friends :) See you around! :)

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    I have been blogging since 2009, I started with blogspot but I didn’t really had any idea how blog works. And yes, I though of stopping, but then I came back after a few months of being out. Then I started on tumblr again, it wasn’t really a whole new level of blogging, but an online diary. Blogging is really a fun thing to do, but the pressure from the people who reads it is quite eye opening. With my blogging today, I try to focus on food and travel (as if!), but yeah the inexpensive travels lang. Pero ang hirap mag maintain when you wanted it to have a spare of your personal life too. Kaya this time, I do Life, Food and wanders and I don’t really care at all. With the blogging opportunities, I rarely get one through emails but since I belong to a blogging community here in Cebu, okay na okay din. I don’t have online haters (parang wala ata?) but most of them are those na kakilala ko. I just hate them back, Hahaha. Di, I actually just stay silent and parang wala lang. Haha Blog is love eh!

    1. Reply

      Travelling shouldn’t be that expensive. And given that you’re in Cebu, I’m sure there are a lot of beautiful beaches nearby! It’s a great advantage! Kami, kailangan pa mag-abang ng promo fare papuntang Cebu. Hehe

      Yes, you could always blog about anything! Maybe just call it a lifestyle blog? Hehe As for sponsored posts, it’s great you’re part of a community. How I wish we also have one here in Manila.

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    It sounds like taking a break was something that you needed to do. It’s true that the landscape has changed so much in the past ten years. I still find that there is a number of personal bloggers out there and I like to read those types of blogs. I have always had my blog because I love doing it, not because of popularity or trying to please an audience. I guess you just have to try and feel comfortable with what you are doing, if you can. :)

    1. Reply

      I forgot to say I really like how you have the questions styled, they look so nice in contrast to the post content!

      1. Reply

        And thank you for the compliment :)

    2. Reply

      That’s what I’m going to achieve from now on. I’ll be more picky about sponsored content, and blog about whatever I want to. I blog for keepsakes, and I never really wanted to get famous. I don’t even share my blog to my offline friends. Haha.

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    I also gave up blogging for about a year a few years back. I had owned the same domain (still do but I don’t update it anymore) for years (it’ll turn 10 this year) and watched as the blogosphere started evolving into the types of bloggers you mentioned. People were getting more professional and doing what they could to make some cash out of it.I decided I didn’t want to blog anymore if that was what the blogging world was and I stopped in 2014 for about 6 months and then started my new blog and, although it does have restaurant reviews, I still try to keep it personal.. I just happen to like going out for food :D

    For most of my blogging time I have used WordPress and before that, back in the dark ages I used Grey Matter.. this was in the late 90’s/early 2000s… and even BEFORE THAT we did it all in html pages and they were just online journals back then.

    I used to take up a lot of paid opportunities.. this was back when you signed up to a website and they sent you jobs about random things like casinos :P The money was decent initially but as blogs and websites became more mainstream the amount of cash places paid decreased.

    I am fortunate enough to not have come across many haters. I usually just ignore them if I do, if I really need to I’ll block them from my site/social media etc. but most the people I know in the blog world are good people :)

    1. Reply

      I am not familiar with Grey Matter, and really, html pages? That must be so tedious! Look at how much blogging as evolved! Hehe

      Same here, I had a lot of paid posts before, though they are not into casinos, mine were more of medical related. Haha Now, I decided I would just carefully choose sponsored content and still make it personal, like how you do it.

  13. Reply

    Wow, you’re blogging for so long na pala. I’ve only used Tumblr but I’d probably try WordPress if there comes a time that Tumblr doesn’t suffice my blogging needs anymore. Haha.

    How long have you been blogging? Have you also thought of stopping?
    I started seriously blogging 2 years ago (?). If reblogging in Tumblr counts, then I think 3 years. I actually stopped blogging too, and it made me appreciate life even more without the need of sharing it. Though I kind of went overboard on not sharing. Haha. I just went back last year because I missed doing it!

    What do you think of the blogging niches? In what niche is your blog under?
    My blog is a personal blog. Though, my personal teen blog years ago was totally nicheless and bare.
    I think having a niche makes you more focused and eager to write, and that’s good if you’re really into that niche.

    How do you accept blog opportunities without it being a chore?
    I don’t have any haha but if ever I’ll be handed an opportunity, I’d probably accept if it tickles my fancy else think thrice about it!

    How do you handle haters?
    I’m bad at handling haters. That’s all I know. Haha.

    1. Reply

      I like Tumblr, because it’s very simple unlike WordPress. Haha but I don’t like the interaction in Tumblr. The message/comments are very limited, you have to use Disqus pa, and I don’t lie Disqus. Hehe

      Yes, niche are for those who are more serious, I think. And it’s okay to have a niche-less blog. Hehe.

      Ohh, you sound scary on the last part! Haha

  14. Reply

    Gosh, this post hit the right notes on so many levels! Glad to see so many kindred spirits from the comments.:) My very first blog was with LiveJournal back then and yes, I had no niche too. Mostly my entries were about the fandoms I follow and the latest updates about them. Then I stopped for about two years and resumed blogging in 2008 at Blogger. It was only last year that I decided to move to WordPress.

    Now I carefully curate my posts. Nevermind if I don’t have a number of regular readers basta I wanted to make sure that when someone visits my blog, at least they can relate to what I’m writing about and not just be bombarded with sponsored posts.

    There, I got carried away yata. Hehe!

    1. Reply

      I haven’t tried Livejournal, I thin I was on Xanga. Haha. It’s good you transferred to WordPress! I love WordPress. :)

      This is the kind of curation I like! Actually, I think readers are more interested in personal posts than sponsored posts. :)

  15. Reply

    […] a year of being away from the blogosphere, I was able to enjoy every moment of life by going to a lot of trips. One of the best things that […]

  16. Reply

    Totoo to. Hahaha especially #3. :)

    1. Reply

      Aww, I just hope you’re not having a hard time with haters though.

  17. Reply

    I really feel this. I didn’t stop blogging though, I just became inactive. I was so insecure, I felt like I didn’t belong nor did not have the talent to write. But then, I realized that blogging was my only outlet, so why stop? I’m actually happy that I found you blog, Ate!! At least I know there are still bloggers like us, chos!!! HAHAHA! :D

    1. Reply

      Yes, because why not? Haha here’s to more years of blogging! :)

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    I started blogging way back 2009/2010 (if I remember it correctly). Started out as a reblog blog on tumblr with mundane rants in between. Learned to doodle and do basic HTML until I found myself blogging as a personal blogger. I made another account as a personal blogger on tumblr which is still live up to now. But ever since I moved to WP last year, my tumblr blog has turned into a plugging blog for my posts on WP. I think I never stopped blogging for a long time, really. Just blogging hiatus every now and then. I try to keep my blog as active as possible because it’s one of my best resort for keepsake. Although I don’t think I havent established a known identity from the blogosphere just yet… I’m hoping I get to stick to my domain name now that I’ve already gained a decent amount of following as alyssanity. Hehe. This was a really great post btw! Just think of it as a digital detox nalang. At least you got out of a the pressure for a while and had time to break free. Apologies for the very long comment. 😅

    1. Reply

      No need to apologize, I loooove long comments! :)

      Wish you the best in blogging! I am planning to blog more often too, so I won’t stop again haha I’m hoping I won’t! Maybe take short breaks nalang hehe

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    How long have you been blogging? Have you also thought of stopping? – I am in my 2 months of blogging now and I haven’t thought of stopping yet. Probably, the question I have is, “should I continue?”. Well I hope I can last longer than I expect.

    What do you think of the blogging niches? In what niche is your blog under? – I guess niche is for ‘distinction’ and ‘belongingness’? People nowadays categorize people. From poor to rich, to middle to elite, to hampaslupa and all. You know what I mean, so I believe niche is just a trend nowadays to categorize you. I actually want to blog everything I think of, but because of niche, I ended doing what I can actually do in a consistent way. So, I do travel and food blogging.

    How do you accept blog opportunities without it being a chore? – I haven’t received one. LOL!!! But soon, maybe? Don’t know. I’m excited, everything is new to me.

    How do you handle haters? – I hope I won’t get a hater. But it’s impossible. Probably ignore? This is hard.

    Andi | http://www.wizardandi.com

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