Enchanted Kingdom: The Magic Stays

For this year’s annual event of our company, I choose Enchanted Kingdom. It was a really hot Saturday morning but we still went for a theme park adventure. Who would say no to free ride-all-you-can passes anyway? :)

I was expecting to ride EKstreme but Gerald wasn’t that brave enough that day to try it. However, he was all game to try Space Shuttle, while I still don’t have the courage to do it. As you see, we mostly never agree on something. Haha.

On our first visit, we were only able to spend half a day so we made sure that on this second visit together, we’ll make the most out of it. But still, we were only able to get to try three rides – Anchor’s Away, Jungle Log Jam and Rio Grande – because we spent more time walking around and spending our wizard money on the skill games. Haha.

wizard money

In the end, Gerald was able to get me this cute blue penguin stuff toy. :)

stuf toy

It was my second time to ride Anchor’s Away, and it’s scarier this time because Gerald forced me to sit on the third to the last row, unlike during our first time when we’re seated on the middle part of the boat. Haha.

Achor's Away

I told myself “Once is enough” but I guess Anchor’s Away is the only “extreme ride” I can handle. Haha. Gerald wanted to try Disk ‘O Magic again, but I strongly refused. My experience with that was beyond scary. Haha.

Jungle Log Jam

I thought I’m already brave because I was able to jump from a 65-ft high waterfall, but oh my, the Jungle Log Jam is still scary! I was more afraid because there’s no seatbelt or anything, and you only have two bars beside to hold into! It was my first time on the Jungle Log Jam, I know I know. I can’t ride that when I was still a kid. And I wasn’t able to ride that before because Gerald and I didn’t bring extra clothes. But this time, we tried it (along with Rio Grande Rapids), because well, we’re a little prepared! Haha.

Rio Grande Rapids

Only a little prepared, because we just brought extra shirts. When we got into Rio Grande Rapids, we were soaking wet! The Magic Drier didn’t even dry us up. Advantage of the freaking summer heat? We removed our shoes and dried them up under the sun in just a few minutes. Our shorts were also dry in just a few walks around the park. Haha.

Dumping only a few photos below because we didn’t bother to take too many photos and videos anymore. Haha. We were so into the moment and enjoyed the games, rides and even food. Haha. A short video of how our day went is available below at the end of this post. :)

We strolled around and ate a lot while we wait for the sun to go down because of the fireworks. I was a little disappointed, maybe because I’m already used to amazing pyromusical displays? But still, we ended up the day cool by riding the Grand Carousel! Haha We felt like we’re kids again while riding it! :)

It was fun despite the summer heat because the whole park was lively, with all the rides, people and cute little kiddos around. Plus, we didn’t have to fall in long queues (except for the popular rides) because the whole park was closed to public, and only exclusive to our company. :) We spent more of our time enjoying the games and watching other people scream their lungs out on extreme rides. Haha

It’s your turn!

  • Have you been to Enchanted Kingdom? What’s your favorite part of it?
  • Do you like extreme rides? What’s the scariest ride you’ve ever tried? :)

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  1. Reply

    But…but…the extreme rides (Space Shuttle and EKstreme, I miss!) are the best part!!!!!!!!

    1. Reply

      I wanted to try EKstreme because I’m confident I can do that hahaha but Gerald isn’t so brave that time.Or maybe we have different preference lang talaga haha Gusto ko ng EKstreme, pero gusto nya Space Shuttle haha

  2. Reply

    Even at this age, I still enjoy going to Enchanted Kingdom and this post makes me want to go there again. Actually not this post pala, your photos in FB and instagram din pala coz mas nauna ko un nakita. haha! I can ride Anchor’s away even when I’m seated on the last row. That’s one of my favorite rides there. It makes me feel brave but no, coz it’s very difficult for me to ride Jungle Log Jam. So, super agree ako sayo, it’s really scaryyyyy! EKstreme is scary as well! If it’s not for “pride” I wouldn’t ride that, never! Sometimes, it’s really fun to just enjoy the moment and stop taking so many photos.

    1. Reply

      Haha yep, though I only posted few photos on social media accounts hehe
      Nako ayoko ng Anchors away! Okay lang yung pag pababa eh, pero yung paatras na ulit, nakakatakot haha
      Gusto ko talaga try yung EKstreme kasi feeling ko kaya ko talaga. Mas aya ko ung ganun, asi isang bagsak lang, tapos na. Unlike sa ibang rides, paulit-ulit haha kaso wala pa kasing tulog si Gerald kaya ayaw nya try haha

  3. Reply

    I haven’t posted my Enchanted experience yet when I was in Manila two weeks ago! Haha. Sobrang tamad pa lang eh. Anyway, I was not able to try the “wet” rides kasi I did not bring extra clothes and I did not feel like trying them naman. I’ve been to Enchanted 5 years ago and na try ko na naman sya so oks lang. I prioritized the new rides and space shuttle kasi the first time we went there, nirerenovate pa sya. Hehe. Anchors Away will always be the ride that I CAN’T handle!!! Sobrang ayaw ko talaga jan. HAHAHAHA

    1. Reply

      Oo nga, I’ve seen on IG you’ve been to EK din. haha
      Last time din wala ako dalang extra damit kaya di nakapag-wet rides. Kaya ngayon sinulit haha
      Wow, kinaya mo yung Space Shuttle, eh parang mas naakatakot un kesa sa Anchors Away haha

  4. Reply

    Aw!! Namiss ko naman yung Enchanted Kingdom! I remember going here a couple of years back and we won a turtle! Hehe gusto ko bumalik!

    1. Reply

      Haha go balik ka na :) I think mas madami ng skill games around, more chances to win stuff toys haha

  5. Reply

    I love the Jungle Log Jam, the Viking and the Octopus (is it still there?). I’m not usually afraid of extreme rides, but I don’t ever go in horror houses! Haha! I won’t be able to sleep after. :))

    1. Reply

      Parang walang octopus haha We wanted to try horror house kaso we can’t seem to find it (despite the map) Haha next time nalang :)

  6. Reply

    The last part of the video was beautiful! I wish there were park like that here in our city. But we did have one thats similar to anchor’s away. I remember it was really scary. Especially the part when the boat goes down :D By the way sis where is this located? Is this in Manila?

    Anywas looks like you guys had a wonderful time together. I hope I get to visit this place too.

    1. Reply

      Ako mas natatakot pag paakyat yung boat. Pag pababa kaya ko pa haha
      This is located in Laguna :) Hope you can visit one day! :)

  7. Reply

    EK!!!! I suddenly miss going to EK! The last time I visited was during our field trip when Inwas in highschool and that was more than a decade already.

    Yeah, I think I saw your EK snaps. It’s so funny how you guys contradict each other. What’s EKstreme? Bago yun for sure. Hahaha.

    I’ve been to EK a lot of times when I was young. I love rides! Extreme rides? I think so…. I love Space Shuttle! Basta roller coasters enjoy ako. Hahaha I also like Anchor’s Away and Flying Fiesta!

    1. Reply

      Ako din tagal ko di nakapunta jan. My last was on 2014 ata, before that, highschool fieldtrip din last ko haha

      Oh really, did my snap went through? I think I only sent one snap and I’m not even sure it was posted haha

      Yes, EKstreme seems a new ride. Free-fall something sya haha it’s the photo on the bottom let of the photo gallery I posted above.

      Ayoko i-try yung Flying Fiesta kasi baka tumalsik ako! Haha

  8. Reply

    Seems like you had a lot of fun and I have to say I really like the quality of the pictures, it looks amazing! :) x

    1. Reply

      Yay, thank you :)

  9. Reply

    I have a lot of good memories of EK. It was the first theme park my bf (now my husband) and I visited. I remember how I screamed my heart out while riding the space shuttle but that was the best part though. Hahaha. EK rides aren’t as scary as the rides in Dream World Australia. Wherein my husband literally brought me to the clinic because I can no longer stand after we rode The Claw. I was so sick and disoriented.

  10. Reply

    Yes! You finally got to pay a visit to EK! Haha. Namiss ko din bigla ulit yung pagpunta namin dyan. And wow, I envy you. You got a stuffy toy. We only end up winning the cute little caterpillar and named it “Wormie” slash Bibi EK. HAHAHA. Ganda, also the video. Nakakamiss.

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