Serendipity Tea Bar: A Cozy Restaurant To Spend Your Day

Back during my college days, there was a huge craze of milktea. I never though I’d like it sinceI’m afraid of trying new beverages but later on I just found myself being into it. I can’t remember the last time I had a milktea so last week I was excited to visit Serendipity Tea Bar for the milktea!

It started way back in 2012 in their first branch in San Pablo, Laguna. Later on they expanded to three more branches: SM Lipa, Sto. Tomas and Los Banos. I went to San Pablo branch because that’s more accessible to me.

Serendipity Tea Bar’s Homey Vibes

If not for the signage, I would think this is just a simple and traditional Filipino home. There’s a veranda outside and a small space inside. The AC is also cool, which helps a lot especially during this summer. Haha.

Serendipity Tea Bar

It was just too bad that the comfort room located outside isn’t properly maintained.

Must-Try Bestsellers

I first thought they only offer milkteas because that’s what usually tea bars are. But what’s different with Serendipity Tea Bar is that they offer a wide variety of food as well.

I was able to try two of their best sellers: Nachos Macho and Seafood Pasta.

Nachos Macho

Nachos Macho (Php 149) has a huge serving and I couldn’t even finish it all, I had to have it to-go! Haha

Seafood Pasta

I personally like seafood and the Seafood Pasta (Php 149) didn’t disappoint me. It has all the seafood I could think of: squid, clams and shrimp. But beware to those who have allergies!

Serendipity Tea Bar Wintermelon

And of course, I wouldn’t miss the milktea (Php 80 for large) and I got one of my favorites: wintermelon! :) I was afraid that I could get tonsilitis after (like what usually happen) but surprisingly, I didn’t. It wasn’t too sweet for me, it’s just perfect!

As if it wasn’t enough, I also bought a blueberry cheesecake (Php 120). Haha

How to Get There

via public transportation

  • ride a bus going to Lucena and ask the conductor to drop you off at San Pablo Medical (2-3hours travel time)
  • You’ll see a Jollibee branch and across that is a BDO branch. Cross to the other side of the street.
  • There’s a small street beside BDO branch that will take you to another street. Once you see “Suki” restaurant, turn right.
  • Walk straight until you see the signage of Serendipity Tea Bar. It is also beside a mosque(?) in white/blue.

via private vehicle

  • Get on Metro Manila Skyway from Epifanio de los Santos Ave
  • Take Mabini Ave/Sambat Flyover Bridge/Talisay – Tanauan Rd in Tanauan
  • Take the exit toward Tanauan City/Laurel/Talisay/Tagaytay from Calabarzon Expy/STAR Tollway
  • Take Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26 to Cipriano Colago Ave/Colago Ave in San Pablo City

You may use your favorite navigation app for directions. :)

Serendipity Tea Bar is a good location for a chill day. Whether you’re out with friends, or alone while doing some work, the ambience is just perfect. And it’s better with good food! :)

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  1. Reply

    Oh my god yes, the milk tea hype train during college! I personally didn’t get on it because I just wasn’t fond of sweet beverages (I live for water and lemon iced tea). But my friends used to buy all the time and I tagged along with them and eventually bought one.
    There were a lot of milk tea stores around my uni (UST) and Serendipity has one so I’ve tried it and liked it! I haven’t tried their nachos and pasta though, which is sad, but I will because they look so delicious!

    1. Reply

      I also didn’t want to try milk tea at first because I don’t like trying out new beverages. I only go for water or fruit juices most of the time. But I’m glad I tried because I got addicted wahahaha
      I think Serenitea yung meron around UST? Hehe

  2. Reply

    Looking at those nachos and I’m sold!

    1. Reply

      The nachos are very good!

  3. Reply

    MMMMM that seafood pasta looks amazing -I’m so sad I didn’t get to experience looking around for local food to eat. I guess that’s why I’m doing it so much here in Canada now! (But man it’s so hard to find good Milk tea here HAHAHA)

    1. Reply

      The seafood pasta is also good, di tinipid sa ingredients! :) Haha when you come visit PH, you should have milk tea haha

  4. Reply

    I like the fact that it looks like a usual home. I think that makes it cozier. A place like that plus a food that look that delicious? Solve!

    1. Reply

      Yes, mukha nga syang bahay na tinransform into a restaurant eh :)

  5. Reply

    I love milktea! i hope I could try this also kasi I’ve been trying all brand/stores of milkteas around. So far, I have one favorite, ayiiie. Hahaha! Anyway, the nachos looks masarap. hehehe! And yea, it doesn’t look like a milktea store. Hahaha! I hope they could have in malls too para mas asccesible. :)

    rej |

    1. Reply

      Oo nga sana meron sa malls kasi mas accessible, pero malay mo dba soon they put up one :)

  6. Reply

    Sayang hindi kita naabutan, hindi ko expected ung ganong traffic! huhu! I agree, it feels very homey. I like their foods too, and ang daming choices! Nainggit ako bigla sa nachos!

    1. Reply

      Grabe naman kasi layo ng pinanggalingan mo haha ako naman nainggit sa milkshake mo haha

  7. Reply


    1. Reply

      Grabe dba??? Laki pa ng serving hehe

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