Pyromusical 2016: A Night of Lights and Music

I’ve always loved fireworks, I find it really magical and fascinating. Last Saturday, I had chance to experience a night filled with lights and music through the 7th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition!

The first time I attended the annual Pyromusical was last 2013 and I wasn’t able to go back until last week, during the opening of the 7th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. We actually just planned to stroll around the mall and browse through musican friend because we’re trying not to spend too much, even if it’s for Valentine’s. But we got crazy and randomly bought tickets since Gerald was curious about it too.

We didn’t bring our camera that time because we didn’t knew we’ll be going to the event. But it was okay since we got to enjoy the event and just stare up to the amazing fireworks display. I did took a few snaps though, if you were able to watch that. :)

We decided to attend the 2nd part of the event because we got crazy again. We kept on telling ourselves not to spend but here we are telling each other “It’s for experience, we won’t regret it.” Hahaha

sunset view

We were still in the Gold Center area, the same spot where we were on the first week. We were there as early as 5:00pm and enjoyed taking snaps again haha It wasn’t the best location to take photos, but given the amount of people there, I think we still got one of the good spots.

There were three performers this week – The Crib (also present on the first week), Hale, and Morissette of The Voice. It was crazy how people flocked the stage taking videos and photos of them while they’re performing. How could they watch through their devices when the artists are right in front of them?

Anyway, the performances were great, we even sang along and Gerald was annoyed with my ugly voice hahaha Okay, too much blabbing, now let’s go back to the main point of this blogpost… the pyromusical display!

The competitors for this week were Italy and United Kingdom. I only took a few shots, because 1.) I am not good in taking fireworks shots and 2.) I wanted to enjoy watching than get frustrated taking photos haha.

So here are a few of the shots I’m willing to share. Haha

pyromusical fireworks display

pyromusical fireworks display

pyromusical fireworks display

pyromusical fireworks display

pyromusical fireworks display

It was just so sad that after the event, people just left their trash around, not even caring about it, even if there are already garbage plastics around. :( I hope people will be more responsible.

garbage let by people in the event

Overall, it was a great night! I have to describe it as “light and music”, literally, because the fireworks are amazing, as well as the performers that night. Gerald even said it gets better each week and he badly wants to attend next week, but we can’t because of his work schedule. Boo! We’ll see if we can attend the remaining weeks of the event.

It’s your turn!

  • Do you also like watching fireworks displays?
  • Have you attended the 7th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition?
  • Do you have any tips on how to take good fireworks photos?

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  1. Reply

    That trash makes me mad!!! You can actually get fined $1,000 for littering here in Alaska. So, for the most part, people do it low-key or don’t do it at all because they’re such a big risk! Anyway! I love the photos of the fireworks. I can never get good photos of fireworks displays, I’m either too shaky from excitement or I just put the camera down and enjoy the show because I know I won’t get a good enough photo hahaha

    1. Reply

      If only laws are strictly implemented here in the PH :( Pero minsan, nadadaan nalang sa “lagay” eh. Sad reality.

      Haha same here, so I only take a few shots just for the sake of taking a remembrance photo haha

  2. Reply

    Aah, the trash!! I agree with Shayne, even in Singapore there’s a fine for littering. I don’t understand what’s so hard in keeping our own trash and putting them in the proper bins. And then we complain why it’s so easy to flood in Manila? *breaks my heart*

    Anyway, beautiful fireworks! How did you manage to snap them in full glory, did you use long exposure (and a tripod)? :)

    1. Reply

      Sana mahigpit din dito sa Pinas, minsan talaga, tao din ang may kasalanan eh. Lagi nila sinisisi sa gobyerno.

      Yes, I did use a tripod. Pasmado kamay ko, kaya di ko magagawa yan ng walang tripod haha

  3. Reply

    Sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly, diba? I had the chance to attend this event last year. I can remember being fascinated with all the fireworks displays presented that time. They’re magical! I can say your shots are nice naman eh! Kung ako yan, baka puro blurred yan. HAHA!

    I’m actually starting to like Morissette. I love her voice, she’s amazing! I only saw her performances in youtube, coz I don’t usually watch tv shows. And now I miss crowd and loud music!

    I really can’t get it why people throw their trash in public places. :( I’m even proud to have a messy bag, coz I usually keep my trash with me if I can’t throw is in a trash can.

    1. Reply

      I actually don’t know her hehe maybe because I’m not into music so I rarely know artists. Hehe

      You can use tripod haha laking tulong ng tripod sa pagkuha ko nyan haha

      Same here, dami ko din basura sa bag ko haha puro mga resibo haha

  4. Reply

    Omg so THIS where the fireworks we saw over at Aseana that night were coming from! I thought I was over the novelty of fireworks, but the ones in from this left me in awe!

    1. Reply

      Hehe, the pyromusical competition happens every Saturday. You can watch :)

  5. Reply

    I keep telling myself I’d attend one of these days but I don’t like the crowded space too much – ironic coming from a concert junkie. BUT I do love fireworks so maybe if a friend or family member invited me to go then I would. The last fireworks display I’ve seen was last Monday in Disneyland HK and it was soooo good and there was no trash left; why can’t we have that sort of disciple in our country? Love your shots too, Mei – the 4th firework one was amazeballs!! :)

    1. Reply

      Haha I also don’t like crowded places, but it depends on the event, or who I’m with haha You can go there early to secure a good spot before it gets crowded :)

      Maybe because laws are not that strictly implemented in the PH, so people are taking advantage of it :(

      Thanks Richel, appreciate it :)

  6. Reply

    Absolutely breathtaking pictures, I love to see all, thanks for sharing!!!


    1. Reply

      Thank you Nora! :)

  7. Reply

    The photos look so great. It is awful that people make such a mess though. :(

    1. Reply

      Thanks, Kya :)

      Yes it is, I hope people can be more responsible :(

  8. Reply

    For the past 7 years, I haven’t attended any events in the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. Maybe because of how crowded the place is (that’s what I heard), is it true? Or tamad lang kami magpark when the place is crowded. 😆 And oh, the trash still irks me. GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

    1. Reply

      Yes, it is really crowded! That’s why we go early to save a spot before it gets crowded. Hehe

  9. Reply

    Hi Mei! I’ve always wanted to attend the Pyromusical but never had the chance to! I suuper enjoy watching fireworks pa naman, haha :) When I shoot fireworks, I do it in Auto mode then I ready my camera by half-pressing the shutter before it lights up the sky. I know I should be tinkering the manual settings, but so far, this works for me coz like you, I’d rather watch it unhindered by a screen. ;)

    AND FKSDBFLJKRFNKWNFFJKWNF I find it really annoying that people just anyhow dumped their trash!!! Guysss, team effort kasi to fix our country. Tapos everyone will just blame everything on the government, ugh! Ok, stop ranting, Reg. Haha!

    Have a great weekend ahead, Mei!

    x Reg

    1. Reply

      Aww, sayang! It happens every year naman, so you always can go if your schedule permits :) There are still two Saturdays left, I think. You can watch :)

      Thanks for the tip! I didn’t try using Auto mode, maybe next time, try ko :)

      Oo nga, lagi sinisisi yung gobyerno pero minsan, tao din naman ang may kasalanan. Haha

  10. Reply

    I am not really sure why I always feel so lazy to attend into this kind of events. Love your photos, by the way. Also, the trashes. Kahit tinitingnan lang man nila I wish naman na sana responsible din yung iba itapon yun sa saktong lugar. Tskk

    1. Reply

      Aww, maybe because it’s crowded? Kaya nakakatamad pumunta? Haha but it should be fun if you’re with friends :)

      I don’t know with the people, madami na ngang trash cans na naalagay, ayaw pa nila itapon sa tamang lugar :(

  11. Reply

    This makes me want to wish fireworks show like these were at least allowed in Davao :D not to every citizen though, yung mga pro lang. But I’d still prefer na banned ang fireworks dito. I’ve seen fireworks but that was way back when I was staying in Cebu. More than once a month may fireworks kung saan-saan haha. Something as fancy as this, I haven’t had the chance to witness yet.

    As for taking the photos, I’m no pro but I do know na when taking photos in a low light situation dapat mataas yung iso settings and a faster shutter speed maybe. Yun lang alam ko lol but I hope this helped.

    I’ve just launched my blog btw, hahah balik blogging na naman :D I hope this time di ko sya i abandon like before. I also included you on my blog roll page, I hope you dont mind :D. I hope you can visit if you have time :)

    1. Reply

      Akala ko bawal lang sa citizens, pero pwede kapag mga events, and pro yung mga magoorganize. Yun pala as in zero? Pero mas okay na din yan, mas safe :)

      I think I used Shutter priority mode for these. I haven’t really played with the Manual mode, kasi saglit lang yung show at gusto ko enjoyin nalang haha next time, mag Manula ako and try ko din galawin yung ISO :) Thanks for the tip Clare :)

  12. Reply

    Wow. Beautiful! but the trash did destroy the after event. tssk. We should be more responsible of the things around us!

    Happy Blogging! God Bless!
    Mac Valdez | Estudyante Travels

    1. Reply

      Thanks Mac! :) Yes, I hope people will be more responsible :(

  13. Reply

    I always watch Pyromusical when I was still in the PH. Hopefully I’ll be able to watch it again in the next years. Anyway, the trash problem is a yearly event too. It’s really sad, I just hope people would be responsible enough to not litter and not just dump them anywhere. :(

    1. Reply

      I am also hoping you can watch it again! :) maybe next time :)

      I think the trash has become a problem for any events in the PH. Hay :(

  14. Reply

    I love watching the Pyromusical here in Cebu. I think they create the best masterpiece in terms of fireworks! Last Sinulog, there was a Pyromusical Competition here in the city and we watched the display and I just snapped with my camera like crazy. In the end, it damaged my memory card and I was sulking because all the photos I’d taken that day were deleted! Which is the reason why I’m so jealous watching your shots. They’re so pretty. <3 I can never get enough of fireworks. Those little sparkles just make me jump with glee!! :)

    1. Reply

      Oh, I didn’t know there’s also a Pyromusical Competition in Sinulog. I’ve always wanted to go to Sinulog, pero laging di natutuloy haha

      Aww sayang naman yung shots mo. There’s always a next time naman eh :)

  15. Reply

    So that’s where the Gold Center is. I’ve always wondered which area it was. The map was kind of confusing. Anyway… I’m glad you went back to watch it and that you enjoyed your time there. I have to agree with you on the trash people leave behind. I have a few shots on the first day (opening) which was taken from the SILVER area. You’ll feel so angry if you see the amount of trash irresponsible most of the attendees were.

    ♡ Louise |

    1. Reply

      We didn’t even bother to look at the map haha basta we find the Gold Center gate, dun na kami pumasok haha

      Oo nga, naku wala na ata talaga tayo magagawa sa basura. We jsut need to become responsible on our own para hindi na tayo dumagdag sakanila.

  16. Reply

    Jec wanted to go this year, pero he has work. If I were there, hindi ko ibababa camera ko because I want to take as much photos as I can. :))

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