Inflatable Island PH: Your Ultimate Beach Experience

Summer has officially started, the time of the year when we get to hit the beach again! But aside from the usual summer beach getaways, why not step up your beach experience? Inflatable Island will definitely give you the ultimate beach challenge. Are you up for it? :)

Inflatable Island

Located in Subic Bay, Olongapo City, Zambales, Inflatable Island is a 3,420sqm floating water park (equivalent to 8 basketball courts), making it the biggest floating playground in Asia! The playground is loaded with obstacles with great variety of shapes, sizes and functions which make the activities exciting, challenging and entertaining for everyone.

Inflatable Island Map

Inflatable Island

Believe me, it was really challenging yet super fun to go through the obstacles! We were told that by playing in the Inflatable Island, you can burn around 400 calories in 1 hour! Imagine how you’re exercising while having fun! That’s cool, right? Haha. Among the activities, my favorites are the Trampoline and Tarzan Swing. I definitely felt like I’m a kid again! Haha.

Inflatable Island

There are also floating unicorns and swans that we obviously enjoyed! Hehe

Inflatable Island is perfect for the young and young at heart. However, only kids with height of 3.5ft above are allowed inside, with adult supervision. There are plenty of life guards around so safety is assured but it is still advised to keep an eye on your companions as well. Safety first, everyone!

Inflatable Island Ph Travel Vlog

Have a glimpse of what happened during our stay in Inflatable Island. Watch us have fun and enjoy. :)

One of the things that made my experience memorable is that I was able to make new friends! Just like in a real playground situation, you can also make new friends and play with them. :)

Their staff are very friendly so if you need help or anything, don’t hesitate to approach them, they are very willing to assist you with your needs. :)

Inflatable Island
Together with Bea, Nika and the staff of Inflatable Island

Inflatable Island

Experience the Bali-inspired lounge

Onshore, there’s an exclusive Bali lounge with colorful umbrellas and comfy bean bags for you to stay in while you rest and eat. Somehow, I had a glimpse of what Bali feels like. :) Isn’t this very Instagrammable? Take your time capturing every corner to achieve a colorful feed! Hehe.

Inflatable Island

Food and refreshments are available in the food trucks around the area. You can also bring food in the resort (but NOT the Bali lounge) from the outside, however, you have to pay for the corkage fee.

Who wouldn’t love this watermelon shake on a unicorn?! :) How cool!

Inflatable Island

Aside from the Bali lounge, there are also cabanas available for day use for an affordable rate. No overnight accommodations are being offered yet, but there are a lot of hotels in Subic to choose from for your accommodation.

How to Get There

How to go to Inflatable Island

  • From Victory Liner Caloocan, Cubao or Pasay, ride a bus going to Olongapo
    • Fare ranges from Php 196-245
    • Saulog buses also have routes going to Olongapo
  • Drop off Victory Liner Terminal then ride a blue jeep
    • Fare ranges from Php 8-10
  • Ask the driver to drop you off at Inflatable Island in Samba Bluewater Resort (formerly known as Cali Beach and Halfmoon Resort)

  • You can also ride a bus going to Iba, Zambales and ask the conductor to drop you off at Inflatable Island.
  • Drivers/locals may not be familiar with Inflatable Island since it’s new. You can tell them to drop you off at Cali Beach / Halfmoon Resort / Samba Bluewater Resort instead.

Opening Hours and Ticket Prices

Inflatable Island Ticket Prices

Inflatable Island is open from 8:00am until 6:00pm. I suggest that you should arrive 30 minutes before your schedule so you have enough time for orientation and life vest fitting.

Ticket Prices

Splash Pass (Two Hour Pass) – Php 699
Spray Pass (Half Day Pass) – Php 999
Soaked Pass (Whole Day Pass) – Php 1,399

Tip: Make sure to reserve your slot online because walk-in rates are more expensive! Another thing is, reservations are more prioritized than walk-ins because the island is only limited to 250 persons.

I was able to try the Spray Pass which is a half day pass and I got to explore the whole island! It is probably the one I recommend you get because that’s enough to maximize your time to play. It still depends on how you want to spend your day. A two hour pass may be already enough for some while a whole day pass might be for others who just want to play all day! Hehe

Additional Information

  • Make sure that your life vests are properly secured. No life vest, no play.
  • The Inflatable Island can be slippery so be more careful. We were able to get a hang of it as we go through the island.
  • Some obstacles are very challenging, so if you think you can’t do it, just don’t. Safety first!
  • You will fall into the water, believe me, and it might be difficult to get back on the island. Don’t panic because there are plenty of life guards to assist you.
  • You can keep your belongings in the lockers that are available for rent.
  • Cameras and phones are allowed in the island but make sure they’re waterproof (or inside a waterproof case), and selfie-sticks are at their shortest length (1ft).
  • There is an available space for parking.
  • Shower area is available, which is newly constructed and has enough number of cubicles. But

For bookings, simply send an email at or visit their website at They are also open for photo shoots and team buildings with discounts for a big group!

You may also follow them on Facebook for more details and updates.

Inflatable Island

Be one of the first to experience the biggest floating playground in Asia! This is a one of a kind experience that is perfect for the whole barkada or family. :) Have an extraordinary summer getaway! Enjoy! :)

It’s your turn!

  • Are you excited for the biggest floating playground in Asia?
  • What obstacle course are you most excited to try?

Some images are from Bea, Nika and Inflatable Island

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    Wow nakapunta na kayo agaaaad! Gusto ko rin huhu. Maybe next time. I love the idea of the bean bags. Really will make you comfy after jungling around the inflatable island. :D

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      Hello Angelica! Have you visited Inflatable Island already? Hehe yes ang comfy ng bean bag! Ang sarap higaan haha

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    Can I take home the unicorn drink? Hahaha! And that Bali lounge is so Instagram worthy! You look like you really enjoyed the experience. By the way, does the prices above are the online price or the walk-in price?

    rej |

    1. Reply

      Actually yes, haha sila inuwi nila. Ako di nako nag-uwi, dagdag abubot lang sa bahay eh hahaha True, very instagrammable! Haha Online price yang nasa list ko. Mas mahal kapag walkin ka.

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    Waaaaah ang ganda naman dito!!!

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        Nakita ko kahapon video ni Anna Cay sa youtube. Si Bea yung una kong napansin. Tas ikaw! :) Ba’t ba ang layo ni Inflatable Island! Huhu

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    huhubells! ang cute cute jan! gusto ko rin mapadpad sa lugar na yan ba!

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      Trueee super cute! Hehe pag napadpad ka ng Manila, sis, push :)

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    This looks so fuuuun I feel kinda bad because I missed this! HAHA. And I must commend the Bali-themed lounge! Talk about being able to accommodate a lot of visitors without looking crowded (and also, looking cute and colorful). Sana makapunta rin soon!

    1. Reply

      Haha next time! :) And yes, ang ganda nga nung lounge. Nakita ko Bali photos ni Melissa, as in achieve na achieve ang Bali-inspired ng Inflatable Island!

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    Sobrang Bali look-a-like!!! Especially Seminyak beach. 😍 Tapos ang cute pa nung floaties! I wanna go din! ❀️

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      Oo nga pansin ko sa Bali post mo! Achieve nila ang Bali-inspired look! Hehe goooo I’m sure maeenjoy mo!

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    Super enjoyed this day kahit kakameet lang nating 3. haha! Thank you Mei for inviting us! :) Until next events!

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      Thank you din sa pag-sama! Halata naman na-enjoy natin masyado hahaha

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    I’ve only been to Subic once and so I’ve not heard of this inflatable island before. It looks like a lot of fun. You’re totally right that young and young at heart are going to love it.

    1. Reply

      It’s a new attraction in Olongapo. :) It just opened last month, so that’s probably why you haven’t heard about it before hehe It is totally fun!!! Perfect for the whole family :)

  9. Reply

    I want to try too! Ang concern ko lang, kaya kaya ako nung inflatables?? CHAROT!! Hahaha!

    1. Reply

      Girl, yan din tanong sakin ni Gerald hahaha wala naman silang weight limit na sinabi kaya push lang hahaha baka this month mag-Inflatable sila Gerald, tanong ko sakanya kung kinaya ba sya hahaha

  10. Reply

    OMG, I’m so jealous. lol. So lucky of you to have already gone there. This looks extra fun! A perfect place for active, playful 20 somethings who loves the water, aka me. haha (except the active part)

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      Haha I’m sure kahit di ka active, mapapa-“active” ka haha sobrang fun, you’d want to try all the obstacles!!!

  11. Reply

    I just saw a video of this on Facebook! It looks so much fun and you and your friends definitely look like you really enjoyed your trip. Hopefully we can go there for the summer! :)

    Lyka Chiang

    1. Reply

      Yes it is really fun and exciting! Have you already visited Inflatable Island? :)

  12. Reply

    Again, thank you sa invite Mei! Sana next time ulit ;) It was nice meeting you both! <3

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      Sa uulitin! :)

  13. Reply

    This looks so fun, especially now that summer is approaching and the heat is becoming unbearable!
    You guys look like you enjoyed your time. Will definitely add this to my bucket list or this summer 😊

    1. Reply

      We really did enjoy Inflatable Island! :) Have you already visited?

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    Huhu ang saya!!!! Parang ang sarap tumalon talon tapos mapagod ka lang ganun haha!
    Ganda ng photos mo :D

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      Thanks Jhanz :) Yes sobrang saya di mo mafifeel ang pagod haha pero paguwi mo dun lang sasakit katawan mo hahaha

  15. Reply

    I’m up for the challenge!!! This place is now all over my social media accounts! I’m sure it’s going to be a big hit soon, I also felt relieved when you mentioned online booking. Cos I’m afraid it could be crowded soon, now that news about this place just got viral. I really hope to visit this place one day, but I still have a lot on my list and I’m not rich either. LOL! Let’s see then.

    1. Reply

      Oo nga okay nga na may online booking sila kasi for sure hassle kung sa phone lang or something mas sure ung online para may confirmation kna agad hehe
      Haha one at a time lang, I think mas accessible naman to and mas affordable since madali lang puntahan :)

  16. Reply

    Same with Da’s comment. Kainggit kayo, girls. And nafeatured pa sa tv. Yes, may friends na kaming ~famouzzz~. Hahaha! I’m trying to convince my family to go here this summer. It’ll probably be really crowded though, so we’ll see.

    1. Reply

      Kaloka nga yung exposure! Haha Limited naman per day yung tao para ma-control nila ung crowd. So for sure maeenjoy nyo pa din :)

  17. Reply

    This sounds like super fun! Look at all the flamingo floaties all around!Can’t believe this is the first time I’ve heard of this resort. I’ll definitely visit this with friends! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Reply

      This is just newly opened, so maybe that’s why you just heard of it. Hehe Have you already visited Inflatable Island?

  18. Reply

    Looks suuuuuper fun!!! I enjoyed watching KMJS, kayo talaga yung bida dun eh! Hahaha. I can’t wait to bring my friends here. A lot of my friends want to go there. Pero I’ll wait muna na umonti ung tao. I’m sure fully booked na yan this summer. Hahaha.

    1. Reply

      Haha kaloka nga ung exposure namin dun, di namin inexpect! Haha For sure fully booked nga pero baka mejo humupa na ngayon since May na hehe sila Gerald baka pumunta end of May hehe

  19. Reply

    WOW! That looks like such an amazing and awesome place. It looks like so much fun. :D

    1. Reply

      Yes it is really fun and exciting hehe

  20. Reply

    I was suppose to go here last weekend (for blogging) but I had prior engagements. Looks fun. Will make it a point to try this place out real soon… Maybe after na ng summer para konti na lang tao. xD


    1. Reply

      Aww, you were invited too? Sayang nag-meet sana tayo! Hehe

  21. Reply

    I spent my weekend in Nagsasa Cove in Zambales and got to see the Inflatable Island on our way back to Manila. To be honest, I want to jump off the car right away and experience the island myself. Too bad, I can’t extend the weekend. It is a good thing that you enjoyed the place. I hope I can visit the island before summer ends.

    1. Reply

      Haha sayang, andun na kayo eh, hehe di bale next time! :) Abangan ko sa blog mo if makapunta na kayo :)

  22. Reply

    Ahh, I wanted to go here since I saw the news on TV Patrol! :) Thank you for this post~ XD

    1. Reply

      Yes sure. Hopefully you get to visit :) Let me know of your experience hehe

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