I’m Vlogging!

After putting a lot of thought about it, I finally decided that I will start vlogging! Yey :)

My life is mostly composed of work and home so it’s really boring for a daily vlog, but I hope to create videos that would be interesting not just for you but also for me! :)

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel to see more of my life and adventures! :)

If you have any ideas on what I should vlog about, let me know! :) Thank you!

It’s your turn!

  • Do you also have a Youtube channel? Let me know so I could subscribe!
  • What do you think of vlogging?

More about Mei

I am a front-end developer who face crazy lines of codes and to keep myself sane, I keep a blog where I share my life and adventures. Let's get connected on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube,Bloglovin and Snapchat.


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    You are vlogging na rin! I love your welcome video! I’ll subscribe. More adventure vlogs ah!!

    1. Reply

      I’m also hoping for more adventure vlogs! Hehe thanks Bea :)

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    Omg! You’ve joined the bandwagon! :D Excited for you ^_^ Can’t wait for more videos! Good luck! xx

    1. Reply

      Yes!! Make sure to subscribe so you get updates when I upload a new video hehehe thanks Alexis :)

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    The video is such a cutie! Congrats and good luck on your vlogging journey! :)

    1. Reply

      Thank you Ra! :)

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    Oops, the blogger people I know are now vlogging! Congrats ate! You have a nice voice:)
    will you vlog about foods soon? :D


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      I just did a Bean Boozled Challenge, considered as food ba yun? Haha but I’ll probably have vlogs with food, it’s part of life haha

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    oh you too sis! Vlogging is becoming a trend now. I honestly thought about vlogging too last year but I have no idea what to even talk about. My daily activities are very repetitive and I dont go out that much. Excited to see more videos sis :)

    Good luck! Subbed by the way :)

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      Same here, my life is just work-home so it’s boring haha so I’ll just vlog when something good or exciting happens haha

      Thanks Clare :)

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    Congrats on having the courage to vlog. I am so bad at speaking in front of a camera. It kills me that people will watch me talk. I tried vlogging when I was little and I just gave up. It’s not for me. But I will subscribe. Keep up the great work.

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      I am also not comfortable speaking in front of the camera, with many people watching it but I hope with vlogging, I’ll overcome it and do better. Hehe

      Thank you Cristina! :)

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    That is really cool that you are vblogging. It would be so interesting to make videos. :D Hope you get a lot of subscribers!

    1. Reply

      Hoping too, Kya! Hehe thank you :)

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    So everyone’s vlogging… Cool! Can’t wait to see more of your vlogs :)

    Xx Nikaia | http://www.wheresnika.com

    1. Reply

      Thank you Nika! :) Vlog ka na din hehe

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    Wow! Vlogging has become a trend, huh? I don’t think I can ever do this, I’m too awkward. I can’t even do poses properly for stills, so how much more for videos. Haha. So for now I’ll be just a subscriber. :)) Good luck, Mei! I’ll look forward to your next vlogs! πŸ˜„πŸ˜

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      Yes, for now, but hopefully you’ll vlog soon too! Hehehe
      I am also awkward but hoping through vlogging, I can do better haha Thanks Clarisa :)

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    Not sure if it’s because I haven’t visited blogger friends’ blogs in a while but I just have to say the new theme of your site is so nice! Love the clean look!

    Also, congrats on leveling up to vlogging!! I admire you guys who can do it, because I can’t! Haha! <3

    1. Reply

      Thank you Yshy :)
      I also told myself before I can’t do it, but I’m here already starting to vlog wahaha kaya mo din yan! :)

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    Everyone seems to be vlogging these days! Cute niyo! <3

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      Hehehe thanks Jae :)

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    I’d like to vlog too but I don’t have much time for it :( Congrats on starting your own Youtube channel. I salute people who can manage blogging and vlogging at the same time. xD


    1. Reply

      Mahirap talaga pagsabayin! Haha I’m still starting so ramdam na ramdam ko haha but hopefully soon masasanayan ko din hehe grabe yung iba daily vlog pa, paano??? Hehe

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    Congratulations Mei. I will definitely subscribe to your channel; I can’t wait to watch your videos. =) Merry Christmas!

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