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Snapchat is probably our favorite app right now because it is entertaining and fun to use. I don’t take snaps that often but I like to see other people’s snaps, even Gerald seems to like it too. We even have “Snapchat time” where we watch snaps together. Haha

If you’re following me on Snapchat (imjojomei), you’ve probably seen Gerald more often than you see me. He really enjoys Snapchat filters, especially those crazy and funny ones. Haha. He even saves them on my phone and here are some of the recent ones.

Snapchat Filters

I also have a few snaps to share, all because I was with him in those snaps. Haha.

Snapchat Filters

But in case you’ve seen him on my snaps before, or if ever you see him in my future snaps, they’re most likely taken without my permission. He would do it when I’m away, either when I’m out for CR break or when I’m buying something. Haha.

I like how we turn anything to be something that can be one of our bonding moments. It’s not only for Snapchat, but social media in general. Instead of making social media a distraction, we enjoy it together and bond over it. It also happens with other apps, because Gerald, playing CoC when we’re together has been annoying me lately, and so I decided to play it too and guess what, we have another bonding moment! Haha.

I think it’s simply all about how you handle things and see them in a different perspective. :)

Update as of July 20, 2016:
Gerald signed up to Snapchat! Follow him at gymere :)

It’s your turn!

  • Do you also have Snapchat? What’s your username? I’ll follow you! :)
  • Are you having fun with Snapchat filters too?

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    I love Snapchat! I haven’t been posting lately coz my life’s been boring hahaha, but I like watching other people’s stories. I’m raiscake. :D I’ll add you!

    1. Reply

      What’s your username? I’m not sure if you’re already on my contacts! Hehe
      Same here, my life is boring, I’m the office 5 days a week, nothing to share on Snapchat. Haha

  2. Reply

    I have a snapchat (rchlvrgr) but I have no idea how it works! Huhuhu. The struggle is real. </3 Still, I know how to add people so I'll add you hahaha.

    1. Reply

      I added you back! :) Up to know I still don’t know if I’m using it right haha I just take snaps, and watch others’ snaps. :)

  3. Reply

    Snapchat is SO fun (you can find me at thepizzatart), especially when I’m with friends and play around with filters and lenses! Haha! Loved this post, by the way. :)

    1. Reply

      Thanks for adding me, I added you back, yey! More snaps to watch :)
      I haven’t used Snapchat with friends yet, because most of the time, I don’t take my phone out when I’m with them. I usually just use it when I’m bored haha
      Thanks, Salve, hope to see you around the blog :)

  4. Reply

    I do, and it is shellyyum. But I don’t understand the thing around Snapchat. I don’t like taking pictures of myself and captioning them, because I’m bad at it. I stick to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and sometimes Tumblr.

    1. Reply

      I usually just use Snapchat when I’m bored. It gets fun when I see funny ones because o the Snapchat filters. Haha
      I am also bad at captions. Sometimes I just take a photo and send it.

  5. Reply

    Haha you two are so cute! Some Snapchat filters, especially the ones that change your face, are hilarious!!! I’ll add you on Snapchat! :)

    1. Reply

      Thanks, I added you back! :) They’re really good on making funny filters! :)

  6. Reply

    Other than watching friends’ snaps of their little ones, I enjoy watching other people’s snaps with these crazy filters! Props to Snapchat for always coming up with really funny and interesting ones! I’ll add you on Snapchat, pronto!

    1. Reply

      Oo nga, ang galing nila gumawa ng cute and funny filters! Hope they add more! :)
      I added you back :)

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    Omg, You two look adorable Ate Mei! Haha! I like your bonding moment! 😁 I have snapchat (@tellerium) but sometimes I’m too lazy to post cos the app keeps on crashing whenever I take a photo, so I end up watching other people’s snaps instead. And I love snapchat and its filters! It’s really funny, I play with the filters whenever I’m feeling bored or down, cos it can brigthen up my day in an instant. Hahaha! I recently added you Ate! 😊

    1. Reply

      Aww, that’s sad, you can try reporting it to them if it keeps on crashing. Yes, it’s good in killing boredom with all those crazy filters. Haha
      I added you back Ktel :)

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    I saw these snaps!! Now I’m convinced that boys like snapchat too. Jhori (my boyf) loves it too. He even created his own snapchat account but got disappointed coz nobody follows him! HAHAHAHA! I guess his friends don’t have snapchat accounts yet. We play CoC too. But I was the one who played it first, then he saw me playing CoC and asked if he can borrow my phone. He was fascinated! Next thing I knew, he was already asking me to let join him in our clan. Now, I stopped playing because I have more important things to do, and I have to set aside playing games for the mean time. He did not stop playing then nakita ko sya ginamit ung coc account ko para magdonate sa kanya ng pekka. And take note, ginamitan ng gem! LOL!

    1. Reply

      Haha gusto din dapat ni Gerald gumawa ng account, kaso ko useless kung wala syang friends sa Snapchat. So di na sya gumawa, at pumupuslit nalang sya sa Snapchat ko para jan sa mga filters haha

      Baliktad naman sa CoC Haha mas apektado ako sa CoC. Lalo pag may umaatake sakin nakakainis sayang inipon ko haha sabi ni Gerald wag na da ak maglaro galit na galit daw kasi ako pag nauubos hahahaha

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    Hahaha cuute! I’ve seen lots of Snapchat posts on Facebook and I really find it amusing and cute. I actually installed the app on my phone once but I deleted it when I didn’t know how to use it. Hahahaha lol!

    xx, Janine | Wandering Ella

    1. Reply

      Actually, until now I don’t know if I’m using it correctly haha I send snaps and watch others snaps, that’s how I think it works haha

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