His & Hers: Christmas Wishlist

It’s almost Christmas eve and I’m still writing about a Christmas wishlist, because why not? Hehe.

As I list down our Christmas wishlist, I noticed how different Gerald and I can be when it comes to presents. His needs seem wants for me! Haha as for my wishlist, he truly believes I need those even though I think they’re also wants. Oh how supportive he is! Haha

His & Hers Christmas wishlist

As of today, Gerald and I already got two things crossed out. His are the camera and the watch, while mine’s the shoes and pampering (still ongoing haha). Let’s see on our yearly tradition of exchange gifts if we’re getting the last items! :)

Only a few hours left until we celebrate Christmas and a few days left until we welcome another year. Wish you all happy holidays! :)

It’s your turn!

  • What are the items on your Christmas wish list? Do you already have some of them?
  • Are you granting someone else’s Christmas wish?

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    Yes! It’s never too late to post your Christmas wishlist! I was also thinking of getting a yoga mat, but I still have my old one here kahit mejo luma na talaga. Pagtyagaan na lang muna. lol! I don’t think they’re wants at all. I mean, these things are needed sometimes. I’m curious what camera did Gerald buy? Because I’m thinking of getting myself a camera (canon eos m10), though not this Christmas, maybe on my birthday. hehe.

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      We have Canon EOS M10! It’s cheaper than M3 with a very few differences lang. So far, so good! We’re loving it! Go ka na sa M10! :)

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        Make a review sooooon! haha. I’m planning pa lang for 2016, not sure kung kelan.

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          Naku, even if I’m an IT person, I’m not that techie when it comes to gadgets haha at hindi ako marunong magreview! Hehe Hope you can buy one soon! :)

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    I want and need a boyfriend before the year ends since Christmas is over. HAHAHAHA.

    I need that “pampering” ekeklavoo. This year has been stressful and exhilarating.

    Hope you guys get the remaining items on your lists.

    Happy Holidays!

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      Meron pa namang next year for lovelife! Malay mo hehe
      Oo nga nakakastress this year, we all deserve a head-to-toe pampering! :)
      And yep, we already got all in this list. Hehe.
      Advance happy new year!

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    I’m so torn between Fujifilm XA-2 and Canon EOS M10, I haven’t read so much of m10’s review so I am hoping you could make one soon. I’ll wait for it :) Though I’ve been hearing m10’s so good din, but I’m just curious kung alin yung mas cheap? Glad you’re able to get 2/3 :) Happy New Year to you, Mei!

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      Oh no, I’m not actually that techie despite being an IT person haha at hindi ako marunong magreview haha you can read a lot of reviews online naman :) I also considered Fujifilm series but I heard from other bloggers that the video isn’t that good. I’ve always been a Canon baby so I already know Canon is good! And I think M10 is also cheaper! :) Hope you could decide what to buy, just list down your preferences and it will help you a lot. Goodluck! :)
      Advance happy new year Lou! :)

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    I’m a few days late commenting, so belated Merry Christmas to you! :D I can relate to your wishlist. I could use some pampering too!

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      I think everyone deserves a pampering! Hehe Advance Happy New Year, Raisa! :)

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    Seems that I relate more with the wish list of your boyfriend than yours (except the pampering part – usl girls need and want that! haha) I’ve been checking out cameras lately and while I do not want to stray away from my first choice, the Fuji and Canon latest mirrorless cameras sure are tempting.

    And I also want a new watch too.. but all the ones I’ve found are expensive. :(

    – Hmm yes I think so, I’ve already bought most of the things on my wish list. Sariling sikap! :)) Except the big ticket ones. For now, they’ll be tagged as ‘someday purchases’. :))
    – I would but.. I’ve already spent most of my Xmas shopping on me. There’s always their 2016 birthdays to try again, hihi.

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      Haha I think my girly side is showing, but hey I still don’t have makeup on my wishlist! Haha
      I suggest you go with mirrorless cameras because they are more convenient! Unless you want to go with pro photography and you need more advance features hehe
      All watches are expensive! Haha buti nalang hindi ako mahilig sa mga relo hehe si Gerald kasi pangarap nya talaga yang Gshock na yan eh haha and gift na daw nya sa sarili nya so go lang hehe
      I hope I could also spend everything for myself this CHristmas but I’ve already spent so much for myself the entire year so I think it’s just right to give back to the people who are part of my life. Naks hehehe
      Advance happy new year Anna! :)

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    Wow, a camera! I wish my boyfriend was as generous because I badly want a replacement camera, LOL. For us, we just gave each other a budget cap and bought each other things within the limit. Hehe

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

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      It’s good that you both have a budget! :) My boyfriend and I are never that good with budgeting but we’re working it out. Hehe

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