My First Blogapalooza Experience

Blogapalooza is the first blog-related event I have attended and I am looking forward to more events in the future! :)

I am not really aware of any blog events until Dianne told me about Blogapalooza. I tried to register hoping I could still get in and thankfully, I was able to receive an invite!

Honestly, I don’t know what to expect since this is the first blog-related event I have attended. I just hope that I will be able to meet a few bloggers. :)

After I registered at the booth, I waited for Dianne to arrive because I was too shy to go alone, not knowing what to do! Haha.

Once we were in the venue, we roamed around and looked at the booths. We arrived at around 4pm and I think it’s already too late because we don’t see much people there. Until we realized that there are ongoing talks inside! Haha.


We also participated in the mini-games in the booths and got freebies. :) Too bad some booths were starting to close so we weren’t able to see some booths.

While walking around, we bumped into Yesha, a beauty/fashion blogger that we’ve known for so many years already but haven’t met yet! Finally! Haha.

They said the big reveal is at 6pm but I think an hour passed but no reveal yet. A few blogger friends already left, and cannot wait for the big reveal anymore so I wasn’t able to meet them too. :( Sayang!

But we went a little more patient and waited for another hour for the big reveal.

Blogapalooza Buzzin

And this is it, they’re launching Buzzin by Blogapalooza, where business and influencers can easily connect with one another! I am really looking forward to seeing this portal grow and hopefully work on campaigns with them. :) I am hoping they could also offer discounts!

Overall, I am satisfied with my first Blogapalooza experience. I should have gone early to meet more business and bloggers as well. Hopefully next time they’ll make it a 2-day event, maybe, so I could go on Sunday since I don’t have work! Hehe. I am looking forward to the next Blogapalooza! :)

It’s your turn!

  • Did you go to Blogapalooza too? And the previous ones?:)
  • Share your Blogapalooza experience!

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    Seems like you had a lot of fun! I’ve been getting invites for this event but my awkwardness gets the best of me all the time, lol. Too shy to attend moreso mingle! Sayang. :( I also saw a lot of bloggers I know who met up with each other, soooo jelly!

    1. Reply

      Nako ako 1st time ko din kasi awkward din ako haha lakasan lang ng loob haha next time punta ka! :)

  2. Reply

    Yes, looking forward to more events. It’s too baaad I missed this one because of my other priorities and commitments that day. Haha! Missed the chance of meeting awesome ppl like u, but perhaps next time?
    Ooh and Buzzin looks interesting! I signed up, too. Also looking forward to participate in their campaigns.

    1. Reply

      Hopefully next time! :)) would love to meet you! :)

  3. Reply

    It was an impulse decision for me to Blogapalooza. I forgot who invited me, but I decided to register a week before. Then LA invited me to go along with me, which is yay, because I am so awkward especially when I’m all alone. Haha. Hopefully see you soon! On our December meet-up maybe. Hehe.

    1. Reply

      Ako naman si Dianne nagsabi sakin. I just registered 2 days before the event! Hahaha I wasn’t expecting to be invited but I’m glad I did hehe

      Sayang we weren’t able to meet! Next time! :)

  4. Reply

    I’ve attended the first two Blogapalooza events but my work schedule has pretty much stopped me from attending the next ones. I hope to attend again next time and hope to finally meet you there ! :)


    1. Reply

      Aww sayang, hopefully next time, yes! :)

  5. Reply

    I’ve heard of blogapalooza before but didn’t really bothered bc I’m in Davao hahahuhu. Hopefully next year I could go and meet you guys too! :) Hihi. It’s great that you had fun, makes me look forward for next year :)

    1. Reply

      Who knows, you might be in MNL for Blogapalooza next year! Or even not in Blogapalooza, let us know if you’re in MNL! Hehe

  6. Reply

    I promise to go to one of Blogapalooza’s events someday! Huhu too unfortunate because I have classes, and I cannot fly to Manila that easily. So jealous when I read fellow bloggers’ experiences. Hope to see you all soon!! x

    1. Reply

      Hopefully next time, malay mo you’ll be part of the Cebu bloggers to join Blogapalooza :)

  7. Reply

    This looks fun meeting people who share the same passion as yours :) sucks that I live far, I should’ve joined too.

    1. Reply

      Sayang nga, but who knows, maybe next year you’ll be able to come! :)

  8. Reply

    I should stay away from Blogapalooza posts. Naiinggit lang ako and it just reminds me that I can’t attend any blogger events because I live in a far away land. 😂

    1. Reply

      Nako ikaw ata pinakamalayo! Haha go visit the PH na, even if not for Blogapalooza hehe

  9. Reply

    How I wish I can experience blogging related events like this soon. If I were only living in Manila, maybe we’ve already met each other but anyway, there’s still a time for that. Haha! :D I also can’t wait on what Buzzin will offer to us. :)

    1. Reply

      It’s really not easy for those from provinces :( Maybe next time, malay mo you’ll have the opportunity to attend :)

  10. Reply

    Welcome to the Blogapaloza fam sis :* I’m so happy to finally see you and Dianne <3
    Next time let's be there the whole day and have fun

    Looking forward to our next date as well as date with new Blogger friends #yay #1stGenBLoggers *winks

    Keep in touch.

    1. Reply

      Thank you Yesha! Yay to that “first gen bloggers” hahaha

      Hopefully next time makapag-whole day nako! Hehe

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