Chinese New Year 2017

How is it like to celebrate Chinese New Year in the world’s oldest Chinatown? That’s what we want to discover when we went to Binondo in Manila last weekend.

Gerald and I decided to visit Binondo where the world’s oldest chinatown is located to experience how they celebrate Chinese New Year. As expected, it’s crowded in the area but thankfully we didn’t experience heavy traffic on our way.

When we arrived at Binondo Church around 1:00PM, we had no plans on where to go. It was really a random day, we just went around where our feet would take us. It was a gloomy day, and we had no umbrellas so we’re thankfully it didn’t rain that hard. A little towel is enough to cover my head. Haha.

Chinese New Year 2017

We watched the parade, dragon dance and a few performances. We then found ourselves walking with the crowd until we found a restaurant. Finally, a place to fill our tummies!

It’s Cafe Mezzanine, and as we have expected, many people would be eating. We had to wait for around 20 minutes before we were given a vacant table. Good thing waiting for our orders didn’t take that long.

We only ordered few dishes because we were hoping to eat more in other restaurants. However as we found another restaurant called Dong Bei, the queue of people was really long! We immediately gave up because we couldn’t waste time falling in line. We also decided not to try in other restaurants anymore because we’re sure they’re all full as well.

What we did was we went to Lucky Chinatown Mall and just ordered from the food stalls.

After eating and having a few refreshments, we looked around and take photos and videos! :)

By 6:00PM we already left considering it might be traffic. Good thing there were enough jeepneys, we didn’t have any difficulty going out of the area.

Here’s a quick video to show you how we spent our Chinese New Year.

It was just a glimpse of how Chinese New Year is celebrated but we’re thankful. Hopefully on our next visit, we could try a Binondo Foodtrip. :)

It’s your turn!

  • Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?
  • Have you tried going on a Binondo Foodtrip? Any good restaurants you want to recommend?

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  1. Reply

    Come back next time for Dong Bei! Haha. And Lan Zhou’s La Mien is the best! Plus the other fastfood near that which sells dumplings too. <3 Ahhhh this made me crave for Chinese food. Definitely come back to Binondo for another food crawl soon!

    1. Reply

      Yes hopefully pagbalik makapag-foodtrip na talaga haha

  2. Reply

    Grabe, ang daming tao! Kudos for braving the crowd! I have never been to Binondo during Chinese New Year. At hindi ako sure kung gusto ko i-try kasi yung normal day, ang sikip na dun. Yung may event pa kaya. :))

    1. Reply

      Haha nakakainis talaga pag crowded pero expected naman namin yun so hindi kami masyado nainis. “Ginusto namin to eh” wahahaha

      Tara foodtrip Bae!!!

  3. Reply

    I wanted to celebrate CNY here but I knew it would be crowded and I wasn’t in the mood to go alone. :( It seems though like it was such a fun experience for you. :)

    1. Reply

      I think it would be difficult if you go alone. Maybe next time you can grab your friends with you :)

  4. Reply

    I love Binondo! The next time you drop by, make sure to try the infamous “fried siopao” and eat the special noodles from “Ling Nam”. :) | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

    1. Reply

      Hopefully makapagfoodtrip na kami next time hehe

  5. Reply

    Wow, looks super crowded but I never thought of trying to experience Chinese new year in Binondo! By the way, I really like the vlog! I’m jelly! Haha

    1. Reply

      It is really crowded! Pero masayang experience hehe

      Thanks Claudine! :) Your vlogs are good din naman ah :)

  6. Reply

    OMG, I forgot what I did for CNY. Haha! MY husband is part Chinese but he’s out of town so I think I went back to my parents’ place? LOL

    It’s been awhile since I last visited China Town/Binondo. My mom used to work around the area but that was way back in the 90s. I’d love to go back and see how much has changed. :)


    1. Reply

      Do you also practice chinese traditions because your husband is half chinese? :) I’m sure a lot have changed in Binondo! Tagal mo na last nakapunta eh hehe

  7. Reply

    We were supposed to go there as well but had to cancel due to some reasons.

    I could say that the place was crowded, yes? You guys should try the “estero” where foods are served fresh. You will choose from the aquarium for sea creatures, then they’ll cook it. Ang sarap naman ng kinain nyo.

    But it’s a well-spent CNY with your boyfie, so congrats to that. <3

    1. Reply

      How much is the rate in estero, Clint? This looks promising I wanna try! Hahaha

    2. Reply

      Sobrang crowded as in sasama ka nalang sa daloy ng tao hahaha Next time try namin na mag foodtrip na talaga. Pag normal na araw haha

  8. Reply

    Binondo is a very familiar place for me. I often visit it for client meetings when I was still in the PH. My favourite go-to restaurant is Cafe Mezzanine. Seeing it in your post made me miss it!

    You should definitely visit Binondo again on a normal day and do a food trip! I did it once with my boyfriend, and it was so much fun! Don’t miss Dong Bei dumplings and Lan Zhou La Mien — both hole-in-the-wall restos, but their food is really good!

    1. Reply

      Pinuntahan namin yung Dong Bei pero grabe yung pila hahaha next time nalang sa normal na araw. At least nakatry naman kami ng isang resto okay na din hehe

  9. Reply

    Where is Binondo located? Is this the one near Divisoria? Hahaha. Sobrang wala akong alam sa mga place kasi hindi talaga ako usually umaalis ng bahay. Hahaha.

    I have Chinese cousins and they celebrate CNY with massive food choices but mostly seafood and I don’t know why. Haha.

    1. Reply

      Yes near Divisoria! I only know about Binondo Church before because we always pass by when we go to Divi haha

  10. Reply

    Went there too and I also wrote a blog post for it! I religiously go there every Chinese New Year to celebrate it and experience the odd happiness being stuck in crowded streets of Ongpin, hehe. :-)

    1. Reply

      What! You like crowds? Haha And wow for the effort of going every year! I don’t think I’ll come back on a CNY because of the crowd haha I’d go back on a normal day for a foodtrip!

  11. Reply

    My friends and I were planning to have a quick trip to Manila China Town this year and we hope that it will happen. I would love to try their delicacies and authenticity. Thank you for giving us a peek to China Town!

    1. Reply

      Go for a Binondo foodtrip! I’m sure it will be fun. I’ll come back to Binondo next time to try more restaurants hehe

  12. Reply

    What a fantastic way to experience the Chinese New Year! :D

    1. Reply

      Yes, and it’s quite an experience as well. :)

  13. Reply

    I seriously don’t know how to celebrate chinese new year kasi we don’t do it. Siguro we eat Tikoy lang. Super boring haha. Kahit gusto ko mag Chinatown wala rin ako kasama. ever been to Chinatown pa. Sad :( Oh gad how I wish i have a sibling haha hirap ng only child. Buti na lang talaga di masyado traffic. Ang ganda ng lights. so colorful!!

    1. Reply

      Haha we usually just eat tikoy lang din haha it’s our first time to go to chinatown for CNY! Hehe
      Invite your friends to go out with you :)

  14. Reply

    I’ve never been to Binondo before but I actually want to try visiting there next year for Chinese New Year!

    1. Reply

      Yes try mo, Bia :) It’s a good experience din kahit super crowded haha

  15. Reply

    I’ve been dying to go on a Binondo food trip but won’t definitely go on Chinese New Year bec I’m allergic to people, haha! I loved watching the video though :)

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Reply

      Haha we really like to experience CNY kaya kahit madaming tao go lang haha hopefully next time makapagfoodtrip! Hehe

  16. Reply

    I haven’t been to Binondo but they say it’s nice there. Lots of good stuff to buy and some decent food around. I’m not fond of crowded areas but I guess I can try this for the sake of experience. :)

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