Changes & Challenges

Many of us are afraid of changes, but whether we like it or not, change is the only constant thing in the world.

So what’s with the unannounced hiatus, you ask? I’ve went through a lot in the past few months, more of good than bad times, thankfully, that I hardly touched my social media accounts because you know, “I’m living life”. Haha Nah, not quite! Anyway, let’s catch up? Here are some of the things that kept me busy lately.

Blog Theme

Let’s start with the obvious — my blog’s theme. Actually, I create themes either when I’m bored or letting stress out. I would take a few hours for it especially when my creative juices are active. However, most of the times, I would not finish one theme because I would suddenly think of another idea that isn’t matched with the current theme so I’ll just scrap it and start a new one. Haha.

blog theme

Changing theme is one of the things that motivate me to get back to blogging. I know I’m not the only one! :) Having a new theme feels like you’re starting fresh, right?

What do you think of the new theme? :)

Crowning Glory

Yes, I have cut my hair a lot of times before but not to its shortest especially when it already grew too long, almost reaching my waist.

I have told a few friends about this plan but they haven’t really taken it seriously because they know it’s hard to grow a long hair. But seriously, it’s harder for me to maintain it. Haha. Gerald even told me I look like I’m not being compensated well at work because I can’t even manage to take my hair to a salon for a treatment. I’m lazy, I always reason out. Haha.

short hair

So a few days after our trip to Boracay, I had my hair cut. When my friends saw it, they asked me, “Sigurado kang for a change lang? Wala kang pinagdadaanan?” Hahaha, I’ve expected that but what’s unexpected is when a friend asked me, “Part ba yan ng quarter-life goals mo?”. For a second, I didn’t know what to answer. I really don’t have specific “quarter-life goals”, but maybe getting my hair cut short is a part of one of my goals — change.

Note: This photo was recently taken, so it already grew a few more inches. Just imagine how short it was five months ago. :)


I took a brave step towards getting out of my comfort zone. Few weeks ago, I left my company where I stayed for more than three years, to take a new job in another company. Though it was a difficult decision, considering also the fact that it was my first job, I think it’s about time to move on.


In my stay in the previous company, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience that I know I’ll bring to my next journey. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way.

Honestly, it was scary, but at the same time, I feel challenged. I’m already on my third week at my new work, yet my workstation is still bare and I don’t have my pedestal yet to keep my things. So they’re on my desk for now. Hehe.

I hope that I did the right decision and will continue to grow in this new chapter I’ve taken.

Settling Down

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I know these changes won’t easily sink in and the challenges will be tough but these are all for the better, not only for me but also for the people around me. Wish me luck? :)

It’s your turn!

  • What are the things you’re going to change this year?
  • Are there any challenges you want to give to yourself?

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    Congrats on all the changes you’ve made, Mei! It must have been really challenging but from reading your thoughts, it seems that things are all going great. I like your hair, by the way. :D And yes to the home tour! I hope you’re back to blogging for good, missed reading your posts! xx

    1. Reply

      Yes, it is challenging, especially on the financial side. Haha but so far, we’re doing good, thanks! :)
      Hopefully I can do the home tour! I’d have to ask Gerald if he’d allow that hahaha

  2. Reply

    Wow! Those are some pretty big decisions, Mei. Haha. Good luck with your new job and with settling down. #goals. Sincerely wishing you all the best and I hope to see you around more often. :D

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Reply

      Thank you, Da! :) Wishing you the best too! :)

  3. Reply

    Congrats on dealing with all your challenges, Mei! I also had that new look last December. I hated having my hair short but I just thought it’ for a change. Same to you, my friends also asked if may pinagdadaanan ba daw ako or if nagbreak na ba kami ng bf ko. Hahaha. Now, I want to cut it again! :)) Anyway, good luck on your new work, and I also wanna see a home tour! :D

    1. Reply

      Same here, now that it grew longer, I wanted to cut it even shorter! Haha I might not grow my hair long for a while. Hehe.

      Thank you, Loi! I’m hoping I can do the home tour soon, once we move in! :)

  4. Reply

    This is such a nice blog entry. :) It’s sweet and real. :)

    1. Reply

      Thanks, Bae!

  5. Reply

    Big changes that are worthwhile. Congratulations on the achievements especially your new home. Having a house isn’t easy but I’m glad that you and your boyfriend already have your new place. I’m still in my third year of college but I’m already thinking of investing a house first and practical things which are very needed in the future when I already have a job to secure myself. It’s nice to know that you’re going home in a place that you can call as your own. *sigh* I can’t contain my happiness for this post. :)

    1. Reply

      Yes, a house is such a good investment! Go for it when you’re ready! :) Besides, you’re still young pa naman! :)

      Thank you so much, Augustin Ra! Ang haba ng name mo, hehe

  6. Reply

    My husband (can’t believe I’m calling him that na LOL) and I are planning on getting our own place by the start of next year and planning stage for our renewal of vows on 2018. Magbabawas na rin ako ng gastos for it. That means no international travel next year. Sad. But it’ll be all worth it.

    Oh and I love the minimalism of your blog theme. :)


    1. Reply

      Goshhh so kilig with the “husband” Hehehe
      It will be worth it! Sometimes, when Gerald and I think about it, nakakalungkot nga talaga, pero iniisip nalang namin, mas malaki maiipon namin kapag staycation nalang sa bahay kesa umalis hehehe
      Wishing you all the best with your plans, Gellie! Excited na din ako for your future home! :)

  7. Reply

    All the feels for this post! I actually enjoyed reading it. These are big moves for you. I know how scary and exciting it is to transfer from one company to another, and to think na you’re with them for more than 3 years na! But we’ll never know what better things can come if we won’t take the risk. It’s so nice to know that you guys are now settling together with a new house! Is it somewhere in Cavite din ba? You may answer that in a private message na lang. I’m curious kasi I’m looking for a good place to buy a house din (pero syempre not now pa yan. haha!) For some reasons, I feel happy kasi I’ve known you in the online world for several years now, and it feels good to actually know another person’s glimpse of story through that span of time. From college, to work and this now. Goodluck and looking forward to the room tour!

    1. Reply

      Yes it was scary, ang dami kong questions – kung kaya ko ba, kung aalis na ba talaga ako, etc etc. But once I did it, whoa, I realized, kaya ko pala! :)
      No, it’s not in Cavite, ayoko na sa Cavite hahaha it’s just a small unit in Alabang. I suggest find somewhere in Laguna. Marami dun, nagtingin din kami dun eh kaso di namin afford hahaha tsaka karamihan kasi pre-selling. Wag na kayo sa Cavite, grabe na traffic dun. hahaha
      Awww na-touch ako! Thank you so much, I also feel the same whenever bloggers I’ve known for so long have gone very far na, with all the achievements and stuff! Nakakaproud lang <3 :)

  8. Reply


    I like your new theme. Of course, it’s you, it’s blue.

    “A Woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel. CHAROT! It looks good on you Mei.

    Good luck on your new company. I hope everything turns out well. What’s your new job?

    OMG, Mei! Settling down! I bet this was a tough decision for you and G. You guys are awesome. I wanna have my own place as well. Next na nyan, kasal? *yippie* Now, I’m excited with how you’ll decorate your new home.

    I haven’t really thought about next year plans, but if I would change something for next year, it’ll be going out more… I lack travel. And the challenge I want for myself is too spend lesser which is a conflict for travelling. IDK cursed or something. -.-

    1. Reply

      Wahaha actually ilalagay ko dapat yang quote na yan kaso baka ang feeler ko naman masyado hahaha
      Kakachikahan lang natin about sa work ko, alam mo na yan! Haha
      We’re actually planning for a civil wedding, soon, para naman matirhan na namin yung unit hahaha depende pa sa budget! Haha nako excited na din ako pagandahin yung bahay, magiipon lang muna. Hehe
      You can save naman when you travel! Start ka muna sa malalapit! You can also go with friends para mas tipid sa gastos kasi hati-hati kayo. :)

  9. Reply

    1. Your theme looks clean and always easy to understand. I love it.
    2. You look good with your new hair.
    3. I’m still thinking of finding another job but outside the country. Congrats on your new work, Mei.
    4. Your 25 but you look like a teenager. How is that possible? Unfair T.T
    5. Congrats on settling down and I can’t wait to see the home/room tour! Please make it happen! I feel a little upset about myself that settling down has never crossed my mind yet but then look at you. You have your own beautiful home now. Huhuhu.

    Auradelle // Parapixelife

    1. Reply

      I like how organized your comment is! :) So gagaya ako haha
      1. Thank you, that’s the goal, for my blog to be easily navigated around :)
      2. Thank you! :)
      3. Wishing you the best on finding a new job as well! I’m sure you can do it! I’m excited for you as you explore abroad! :)
      4. Haha I’ll take that as a compliment! But oh, you also look young naman! :)
      5. No rush, you said it never crossed your mind so it’s okay. It means it’s not in your timeline yet. You’ll be able to have one soon :)

  10. Reply

    Wow these are some big decisions!! But I’m so glad you’re doing great and happy with the changes. Wishing that everything else will go as great and good luck on your new job and your new home!! :) I can totally relate on changing themes and making them. And your hair looks great on you!!

    1. Reply

      Agree, such big decisions but thankful that so far we’re doing good. Hehe
      Thank you Dems! :)

  11. Reply

    I’m growing out my hair, too and also I finally got a job after my car accident last year and I’m so excited about it. I cannot wait! ^^ It means good things for my future! ^^

    1. Reply

      That’s good to hear, congrats on your job! :)

  12. Reply

    Congrats Mei, these are heavy changes and I am just so happy while reading your words. Moving home is exciting and frightening at the same time, and I am also looking forward for my move, soon. Home tour please! :)

    1. Reply

      Thank you so much Lou! And God bless on your move! :)

      Hopefully, I’ll do a home tour! Kapag pumayag si Gerald haha

  13. Reply

    Welcome back, Mei! Such big decisions and changes in a span of few months! I am happy for you! Good luck with everything! Are we hearing wedding bells soon? Hihi. <3 And your theme looks great, as always. :)

    1. Reply

      Hi Clarisa, yes, I’m back! Haha I miss your blog! :)
      Oh no, wedding would be in a few years pa! Haha
      Thank you :)

  14. Reply

    I’ve been considering of cutting my hair short but huhuhu, I have to bun my hair always especially I work at dance studio. And woooow, you finally have your own house! Congratulations! It seems everything’s great. This is definitely the #goals you call. :)


    1. Reply

      Aww, maybe just a little longer? Yung para lang ma-bun mo sya? Hehe but who knows, maybe next time you’ll get a chance to cut your hair short! :)
      Hehe thanks, hopefully things will continue to go well. :)

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