BeautyMNL: My Shopping Experience & Mini Haul

As I grow older, I start to realize the importance of taking care of my skin. That is why I’ve been on the hunt of products that are best for my skin. BeautyMNL offers a wide range of skincare products where I recently shopped some items and I am going to share it with you!

What is BeautyMNL?

BeautyMNL is an online shopping website that offers a wide range of products from skin care, makeup, hair care, and even beauty tools. They also have products from both local and international brands. And what’s even better is that they now have a section for organic products! It’s like almost everything you need is already in there.

Aside from that, they also have Bloom, an online magazine, where you can learn more about skincare and makeup. It’s a plus for newbies like me who are just starting out their own skincare routine or learning to do their makeup. It also helps that they have a Beauty By You, a section where you can read reviews about the products that you want to buy. It is recommended to read reviews first before making your purchase so you would have an idea about the product and if it is the best choice for you.

My Shopping Experience

To be honest, I was so excited to shop in the website but at the same time, I couldn’t make up my mind which products to get! After browsing through all the sections and the numerous adding and removing of items from the cart, I finally decided to focus on getting skincare products. Besides, I just ran out of cleansers and toners so I should get a new one! Hehe

From browsing through the website to adding items to my cart, everything was a breeze. Products are categorized so it is easier to find products in each category – skin care, makeup, hair care, local finds, organic, nail & scents, accessories, and essentials. You can also filter them according to the brand and price. Furthermore, you can sort the search results according to popularity, rating and price. As for me I always sort by the lowest price. Hehe. Looking for a specific product isn’t also a problem because of their search bar feature.

With the very user-friendly website, you will be guided along the whole process. No confusion at all. If you already have a list of things to buy, you’ll probably be done adding items to cart in just a few minutes!

Watch my BeautyMNL Shopping Experience & Haul

Payment Method

Currently the available payment methods are Cash on Delivery (COD), Credit Card, Bank Deposit and Paypal. I think they have covered all the possible convenient payment methods for every buyer out there. As for me, the most convenient on my case is to pay through Paypal. After choosing Paypal, all I need to do is login to my Paypal account and pay for my total bill. Then just like that, I already got a confirmation about my order!


Shipping fee is Php 50 per cart for Metro Manila areas and Php 150 to other areas in the Philippines. That is flat rate so you can add as many items as you want! But wait, the good news is you get free shipping if your cart has a total amount of Php 1,500 above! :)

BeautyMNL commits next day delivery to within Metro Manila and 3-5 days for provincial areas. Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays are excluded because they also need some beauty rest. :) Commitment is such a big word, but they surely won’t disappoint you! Mind you, I got my order in less than 24 hours, which is even better that what they’re promising! But take note that during holidays or cases like typhoon, delivery might take 5-7 business days. The first time I ordered from BeautyMNL, it was during Christmas season and they already posted on their website about the possible delay. However, in just 3 days, I was already able to receive my order! I am so amazed with how they give more than what they promised. :)


  • Deal Grocer Platinum and Elite members enjoy free nationwide shipping. If you’re one of them, just make sure you Sign Up using your Deal Grocer credentials (email and password) for the Free Shipping to be applied on your orders.
  • From time to time, BeautyMNL offers free shipping with no minimum order required so always check their social media accounts for announcements.
  • They always have ongoing promos and give out freebies (until supplies last) so take advantage of that. It was just unfortunate I didn’t receive any freebies when I ordered. :(

My BeautyMNL Mini Haul

My BeautyMNL Haul

I am not the type of person who is conscious of her skin but as I grow older, I came to realize I have to start taking care of my skin. I started with just using cleanser until I added a toner and sun screen to my routine. But because I have been watching too many Kdramas, I always admire how they look so young despite their age. That’s when I get inspired with the Korean skincare routine. Knowing that it has a lot of steps, I feel like it’s going to be difficult for me who even gets lazy to wash her face but I need to take this seriously if I really want to take good care of my skin.

That is why I plan to start adding steps to my usual routine. As I mentioned earlier, I focused on getting skincare products so this is a skincare haul. :)

Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser by Mizon (Php 350)

MIZON Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser

What to Love
Mild and soft, fresh and clean — Mizon’s Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser is a revelation to the skin. Specially formulated with Snail Mucin Filtrate for skin vibrancy and hydration, it turns into soft whipped foam when massaged into the face and cleanses gently and thoroughly while repairing damaged skin cells. Its unique texture makes it ideal for clearing pores and blackheads.

AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner by COSRX (Php 730 Php 657)

COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

What to Love
Natural AHA and BHA content clears away dead skin cells; mineral water boosts skin health; allantoin hydrates skin and keeps it moist and smooth; helps prevents whiteheads and blackheads caused by lack of moisture and slow cell turnover.

Snail Repair Eye Cream by Mizon (Php 420 Php 294)

MIZON Snail Repair Eye Cream

What to Love
Packed with 80% snail mucin filtrate, sodium hyaluronate, and niacinamide; speeds up skin regeneration; locks in moisture; prevents inflammation and lightens hyperpigmentation; nourishes and hydrates for smoother, more supple skin

Aloe Vera Oil-Free Moisture Cream by COSRX (Php 850)

COSRX Aloe Vera Oil-Free Moisture Cream

What to Love
Calms redness and irritation with aloe; protects and supports the skin; can be used for a variety of skin-healing purposes on face and body; suitable for all skin types


Information about the products are from the BeautyMNL website.

Overall, I had a good and smooth shopping experience on BeautyMNL. Their fast and reliable delivery is really commendable, giving more than what I have expected. I can’t wait to finally try these products and hopefully write a review about these so watch out for that! :)

You may follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get notified with promos and updates. Now, I’m off to start my skincare routine! :)


I received store credits and purchased the items I like through their website in exchange of a blog post. All content and opinions expressed are my own.

It’s your turn!

  • How you tried shopping on BeautyMNL? How was your experience?
  • What’s your current skincare routine?
  • Which among the products I got are you most curious about?

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  1. Reply

    I have actually finished my mizon eye cream! I think I used it for about 4 months (?) How are you liking it so far? And also, how’s the AHA/BHA toner? I have also posted about my BeautyMNL experience on the blog, here’s a link: My skin care routine consists of cleansing>toning>essence>serum>eye cream>moisturizing. I don’t have great skin yet, but I’m hoping to get there, hehe.

    I’ve been watching your vlogs, mei. Keep it up! I wish I could do what you are doing, I also want to do youtube but I get so camera shy and the editing is what hinders me, haha. What do you use to edit your vids?

    1. Reply

      I’m planning to invest in a quality camera for vlogging, Renee but I feel you gurl! I tend to get camera shy as well and when it comes to editing I’ll probably end up cringing all throughout the video and decide to not publish it. Hahaha. </3

      1. Reply

        This already happened to me, like everytime I edit a video! Hahaha! How to banish insecurity? And how to edit videos po????

      2. Reply

        Kapalan lang talaga ng mukha eh hahaha what camera do yo plan to get? :) Push mo na ang vlog dali! :)

    2. Reply

      How was the eye cream? Lagi ko sya ginagamit pero feeling ko wala epek sakin kasi puyat din lagi hahaha tsaka parang ang bilis nya maubos feeling ko paubos na sakin mag 2 months palang haha

      Okay naman sakin toner. As long as di ako magkapimples, okay na sakin hahahaha ang dami na ng skincare mo! I’m planning to add essence and serum din hehe pero baka mag AHA muna ako. Im using BHA na kasi, though nagbabasa pa ko if need ko ba talaga mag AHA din haha
      Kapalan lang talaga ng mukha! Usually after ko magedit at magpublish di ko na pinapanood ulit kasi nahihiya ako haha maski kay gerald sabi ko pag papanoorin nya, ung di ako mapapanood din haha nahihiya ako pag nakikita ko na pinapanood nya wahaha I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro pala for editing :)

  2. Reply

    I have seen raving reviews on COSRX but I’m skeptical to try. I wonder if it can help with my clogged pores.
    Lyka Chiang

    1. Reply

      Why? I read good reviews on COSRX that’s why I tried. :) Works fine with me so far. :)

  3. Reply

    Gusto ko na talagang itry mag shop diyan BeautyMNL. Cause I’ve seen lots of videos and blog posts about it. Just lately din I’ve been skin conscious and would like to try out different products. How’s the products so far? Okay ba yang moisturizing cream? Nagddry kasi skin ko and I think I need to apply a moisturizer na. hehe. Thanks for sharing this, will definitely check out their products soon. :)

    1. Reply

      I’m oily skin, pero sabi nila either you’re dry or oily skin, better daw talaga gumamit ng moisturizer. :) Start taking care of skin na habang bata pa. It’s never too late, kaya ako nagsisimula na din haha

  4. Reply

    I use the same toner! I like it so much, it makes my skin so soft and smooth! How was the aloe vera cream? I also have a cream from COSRX but I got the snail cream, it is also good! It’s now one of my favourite brands! Even my boyfriend uses some of their products, too. Hehe.

    1. Reply

      I’m bad with describing products talaga! Haha I don’t see any difference whatever product I use. Haha pero as long as di ako nagkakapimples, okay na sakin wahaha sabi ko nga kay gerald magskincare na din eh haha

  5. Reply

    I’ve actually heard of BeautyMNL (in fact I’ve been following their IG) but I’ve never shopped from the before. Now that I’ve heard COD is available, I’ll definitely give it a go. I also think it is impressive that you got your order in less than 24 hours.

    I have to agree, all those Korean stars just looks so pretty!( even the boys). I also want to start my 10-step Korean skincare routine but that’s just a lot of products and that’s way over my budget. Haha.

    Thank you for sharing!

    – Gretch of GG Memochou

    1. Reply

      BeautyMNL is like a one-stop shop, they almost have everything and I guarantee you the shipping is superb! :)
      Same here, I want to achieve the 10-step but one at a time muna haha it’s also good to start one by one para di mabigla yung skin mo. Also, if ever you breakout, you know which product did it. Unlike if you use a lot of products, you won’t know.

  6. Reply

    I have always been a fan of online shops and recently in Korean products so I tried getting an item from a well-known site online to experience their delivery service and I have not yet try BeautyMNL. How’s the Cosrx and eye cream Mei? I don’t think the eye cream I bought back in innisfree before doesn’t do magic so I was thinking of trying the mizon too.

    1. Reply

      Feeling ko walang silbi pag eye cream ko kasi puyat din ako lagi wahaha Okay naman sakin COSRX di naman ako pinipimples so keri nako dun haha try mo beautymnl, grabe bilis ng shipping nila!

  7. Reply

    It’s important to take care of your skin, and it’s great that you have decided to do it. I am sure it will take a little while to get used to the routine, but you will be very thankful for it later! :D I hope you enjoy using the products and that cupcake is so cute! :D

    I currently have some problems with eczema on my face, so I have to be cautious what creams I use.

    1. Reply

      Apparently, I have sensitive skin too so I am also afraid to try out new products but I am glad these products work fine on my skin.
      Yep that cupcake is sooo cute haha

  8. Reply

    I’ve been eyeing on the site for quite some time already but haven’t had my first purchase yet. Hihi. There are products I placed on my cart but still, I always end up closing the window. When I’m really decided, I think I will spare a toner for myself. :D Thanks for sharing!

    1. Reply

      Sure! Take one product at a time! I also started with just cleanser wahaha

  9. Reply

    I’m already in my mid 20s but I still don’t understand why make-up/beauty products don’t lure me. Huhu. Am I even normal? Will definitely try browsing through beautyMNL’s website then. I might find something cute for me to use. Hehe. Btw, photos are lovely, Mei! :D

    1. Reply

      Girl, same here! I just recently ventured into skincare and makeup! Ngayon lang ako nagiging babae talaga hahaha it’s never too late, kaya push lang haha

  10. Reply

    I definitely need to up on my beauty regimen!!!! I do nothing eh, soap and water lng. That is why my skin tends to be so dry :( Thank you for sharing this!!!!

    1. Reply

      Waaah pero parang ang ganda ng ng skin mo sis! partida soap at water lang!

  11. Reply

    I love Beauty MNL too! I’ve purchased from them a couple of times and they’ve delivered my order either before my expected date or on-time. Plus their range of beauty products is pretty good. I’m actually already talking to Beauty MNL to sell our products (Ella Naturals) on their website. I’m just finishing a couple of paper works. Excited to partner with them! :D


    1. Reply

      Yayyy exciting! Looking forward to see Ella Naturals on BeautyMNL! :)))

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