5 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self

Three weeks from now, I’m turning 25. Cliche as it sounds, it feels like just yesterday when I don’t want to grow up yet and now I actually like growing up.

It wasn’t an easy process because there’s no formula or rules to follow. You just have to continue to live and grow up. Where do we even get an idea how to grow up?

If I were to go back in time to talk to my younger self, here are a few things I’d like to tell her.

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It’s okay to lose friendships.

You’re only 12. You still have a long way to go. You’ll meet a lot of people and build good friendships. Don’t waste your time and effort with people who don’t deserve it. Ignore the negative things they say. Eventually, you’ll forgive them.

I’m telling you, you’re better than them. And in 10 years, you’ll do much way better.

Take risks. If it worked, then good. If not, learn from it.

Yes, transfer to another school and shift to another course. It was a brave decision but understand that not everything will turn out great.

That new school is not for you. You’re destined to be a Thomasian. I’m glad you decided to go back to UST. But that new course, it will be great. I mean, it won’t be easy but you’ll be fine. Don’t worry, you made the right choice.

You’re 16 and you think it is the biggest risk you’ve ever took. 10 years later, I can say that it is not anymore (yes, you are going to take more risks) but it is one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Your family will always be there to support you, no matter what.

When you think Papa doesn’t care about you, think again. You’re his eldest child and his only girl so he’s just protecting you. Visiting you in the dorm, and taking you home every week is more than just a responsibility to him. He wants you to be safe.

Have more bonding moments with mama. Go to a salon for your footspa+pedi sessions or get a haircut and hair treatment. Talk to her and open up to her. She’s your number one fan and supporter.

I know you’re 18 now, living a semi-independent life, but believe me you can’t do in on your own. At the end of the day, you’ll always find yourself wanting to come home more often.

Do what you love and love what you do.

Designing your blog is one of the reasons why you started one. You even shifted to BS IT thinking you’ll do better with webdesigning but then you’ll get disappointed that it is only a small part of the curriculum. It’s okay, learn on your own. :)

Looking at your themes, I must say they look bad! Haha. You’re 20 and just starting, so that’s acceptable. Don’t stop learning and practicing. You dream of becoming a webdesigner? You’ll have it. But can we call it “front-end developer” instead? Hehe

Don’t look down on yourself telling you don’t have any skills. Don’t be afraid you’ll be nowhere after you graduate. You’ll be greater than what you’ve thought you would be.

Get out of your comfort zone.

You’re 23 and starting to experience this so-called quarter-life crisis.

It will pass and soon you’ll be surprised that you’ll be all contented and satisfied with what you have. How? Just do beyond what you thought is your limitation.

Explore and experiment. Do not contain yourself in the four corners of the office. Spend your weekends back home or somewhere you’re not familiar of and discover new things about yourself. (Example: You’re scared of the life down under, but you can jump off a waterfall that is approximately 65-ft high, with no hesitations.)

I’m sure you’re still having second thoughts but I know soon, you’ll gain that courage. :)

Looking back, I’ve realized how much I’ve been through – decisions, risks, mistakes, struggles – but somehow, I made it up to where I am now. If not for the rough road I’ve taken, I wouldn’t be the person I’ve become.

I know I still have a long way to go but I’m sure I can do way better than who I am right now. The only competitor I have is myself from the yesterday and I will do my best to be greater than her.

It’s your turn!

  • What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
  • How would you describe your younger self?
  • What are the things that you’d like to tell yourself?

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    I totally would relate everything about this post. Before I turned 25, I did a lot of stuff made me kinda regret doing it but I knew I learned something from it. Lost some friends, but gained a few. I actually see myself while reading this! If I could tell few things to my younger self is that: Just be happy, genuinely happy. :) xx

    1. Reply

      If we’re satisfied and contented with what we have, I think that’s the first thing to achieve genuine happiness :)
      We all have regrets, but the important thing is, we learn from them :)

  2. Reply

    The biggest risk that I’ve ever taken so far would probably be moving to a new city. If there’s something that I would like to tell my younger self, that would be “You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for.” :)

    Anne’s Scribbles and Doodles | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

    1. Reply

      Moving is really a big change! As for me, I have pretty much adjusted to it since I’ve been moving places since college but it wasn’t easy at first.
      I have the same thought with you, sometimes we think we only know a little but if you look at the bigger picture, you’ve done great.

  3. Reply

    Advanced happy birthday, Mei! :) And I would have to agree with everything that you’ve said. I wish I could talk to my past self and tell her a lot of things too. Hehe :)

    1. Reply

      Thank you, Jhanz! If ever you write about your younger self too, let me know. I’d love to read what would you tell to her :)

  4. Reply

    Wowowow. Happy Birthday in advance Mei. God bless you and more goals to come. Hihi. Enjoy life! <3

    Spices + Everything Nice | http://www.ajeinomoto.com

    1. Reply

      Thank you Jeini :) God bless you too! :)

  5. Reply

    Advanced Happy Birthday! :D

    I remember writing a blog post about a letter I’d like to give to my 16-year old self. It’s funny how thinking about how things have happened in the past, there may be those which I regret doing but knowing that those are the exact same things that made me a better person, I guess I wouldn’t want anything changed. :)

    1. Reply

      Thank you Gellie :)
      I agree! We couldn’t be better persons if not for those mistakes that we made haha Everything happens for a reason, as they say.

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    I always want to go back on my younger-self. I am thinking of my younger-self when I am depress, because I motivates me more. If I did overcome problems when I was young, then I can make it again.

    1. Reply

      You’re right! You can probably overcome depression.

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    I can relate to everything and my favorite is #1. If only I can turn back time, I’d definitely do better and prioritize my studies and family over my friends. Well, still glad I’ve learned a lot.

    I actually have a post like this too! Here: http://anethfradez.com/dear-younger-aneth_19/ :)

    PS: Advanced happy birthday, Mei!

    1. Reply

      Thanks, Aneth :)

      Well, we’re young and naive, we’d always want to go with friends than study haha I’m glad my parents were strict about our studies because it did help. But at least you learned from that!

      I’ll read your version too! :)

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    This even made me realize so many things. At 20, I still find cutting off friendship has something to do with my attitude. But somehow, I try to tell myself that it’s too much na and that I’ve done a lot for such friendship to live kaso wala eh. Siguro I’m not afraid to lose one, but how I would deal with people’s perspectives towards me if ever it happens. I love this post, this sum up the things that I’d also tell to the younger me. Very advance happy birthday, Mei! :)

    1. Reply

      Thanks Lou! :)

      You’re still young, you still have a lot of regrets and realizations to meet. Hehe but it’s okay, remember that everything happens for a reason. Also, you can always talk to me, if you need someone to hear your problems hehe

  9. Reply

    It’s good to take the time to reflect on how things have been in your life and use that for reference in the future. :)

    1. Reply

      Yes, looking back would bring memories and also realize a lot of things. :)

  10. Reply

    I’ll probably tell the last one to my younger self. Applies to both my personal and professional life. I’ve always been scared of change. I love routines and cyclical living. If anything goes out of the ordinary, I freak out. And while I still have regrets on my professional decisions, it’s also a learning streak, I think. :)

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Reply

      For the last one, I am also still working that out. On the career aspect, I’m a little scared too! Good luck to both of us. We’ll soon sort it out. :)

  11. Reply

    Hey, Advanced happy birthday!
    Ahh, reading this post makes me emotional lol. We have the sentiments about that front-end web development thing. Im now 21 years old about to graduate on college and would like to apply as a front-end developer but my skills and knowledge are not enough. I feel like I have to catch up to new languages and I got intimidated with it but as you said, “you’re just starting,.”

    Im glad you are mature enough to look back on the things that made you the better person you are right now. Good luck to you!

    1. Reply

      Thanks, Jean :)
      When I was in my fourth year of college, I almost freak out because I don’t know what to do in life. I’m nowhere between a programmer and webdesigner because I don’t have the skills. But I guess, God has His plans that I was able to take the career path that’s for me and so far I’m loving it.
      My advice for you is to just go with it. As long as you have the basic knowledge, you can work with it along the way na. Also, your colleagues will guide you naman. :) Good luck, Jean! :)

  12. Reply

    Advance happy birthday, Mei!! I’m nodding on until the 20 part. Still learning and starting my own career. Didn’t know you shifted course! That is a huge risk. My biggest risk has to be taking IT since my family said so. Didn’t really care much about the implications of that before, but I’m glad I turned out to like it!

    1. Reply

      Thank you, Richel :)

      Thankfully, you were able to like IT as you go along. Maybe your family have seen the potential in you :) But I agree, it’s a risking taking the something just because someone else said so. Btw, what’s the course you wanted to take sana? Hehe

  13. Reply

    I’d tell my younger self to be more outgoing and stop being scared of interacting with new people since I’ve always avoided doing so when I was younger but I do tend to do it sometimes too up to this day, but for a different reason na! haha

    The biggest risk I took would probably be when I decided to stay in Cebu and find work there. Lived with people I barely knew and explored places there that they say is dangerous. But I do not regret it since I’ve learned how to be independent since then. I think living away from my comfort zone taught me a lot of important things than what school has taught me :D

    1. Reply

      Same here, I don’t like interacting with people because I am really shy and my self-esteem is very low haha but since I lived away from home, I learned to do things on my own.
      I agree with you that living somewhere else is a risk, because you’re on your own and you have to take care of yourself always. But it gives you a lot of things to learn. Glad you were able to see it in a positive view :)

  14. Reply

    Belated Happy Birthday! I can totally relate to the first four points! Haven’t hit the quarter life crisis yet, but definitely some encouraging advice. I’d describe my younger self as naive. I got caught up in things that shouldn’t have mattered so much and I should’ve listened to my heart and taken risks more. But I guess that’s the beauty of life, you learn from your mistakes and it’s so nice looking back at how much you’ve grown :)

    1. Reply

      I think we’re all naive in one point of our life so that’s okay :)
      Yes, I agree, these mistakes and regrets… and soon we’ll just laugh at them and realized how much they made us grow up :)

      And oh, I think you mean advance happy birthday to me? Hehe anyway, thanks Tricia :)

  15. Reply

    It’s actually fun to grow up right? It’s difficult and messy but it feels nice to be learning everyday. And realizing how different you are before to who you are today. In a good way. :)

    Happy birthday soon! <3

    1. Reply

      Yes, I think it’s fun because I feel like a legit adult na hahaha

      Thanks Melai :)

  16. Reply

    Ate!!! Idk why but I got teary-eyed with this letter and I totally agree with every single one of them. When’s your birthday? Hehe! Honestly, you are one of the few bloggers I really look up to! :) It’s like you are my spirit animal!! Hihi. I hope you find genuine happiness and know that I’ll always have an open ear (or eye) to listen/read to you. Hahahaha! I hope to meet you one day!!!

    Kelly <3

  17. Reply

    I absolutely agree with everything that you said. I guess the best way to live life is to keep in mind that we are always where we’re supposed to be. We may be in a good or a bad situation but there are definitely some necessary evils in order for us to grow into the best person we can be.

    I think it’s a gift to be able to look back and have the chance to look back and realize how much we’ve learned about ourselves through experiences and through other people.

    Right now I’m personally experiencing the transition into a self-supporting adult and it’s really scary. But we can only aim for growth and be thankful for the gift of life.

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