2016: The Year of Changes

Last year was a year of travel and though I still travelled this year, I would describe 2016 as full of changes. I think this is the year when I am starting to transition from one phase of my life to another.


I prioritized my family more than anything.

We started renovating our home and it really costs a lot, but seeing the part 1 of our renovation is so fulfilling.

I made sure I am always present during family celebrations and I didn’t postpone any because of work.

Together with Gerald, we gave our families an all-expense paid trip to Boracay! :) It wasn’t easy, especially on the financial part, but it’s definitely worth it! :)

My mama was rushed to the hospital due to abnormal heart rate and later on admitted to the ICU. It was the scariest thing that happened to me, ever. Thank God, she has fully recovered now. This made me realize that I wouldn’t mind spending a lot (hospital bills are really unbelievable!) for the sake of my family.

I met with my friends more often.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

This year made me realize how important friends are next to your family. Because you know whenever you’re up or down, they’re always there.

On top of that, I become a better ninang to two of my friends’ kid and nephew! Hehe

I quit my job!

Yes, I took the first step out of my comfort zone. I resigned from my job and got into another company. It’s the bravest decision I did so far, though up to now, I am not sure if it’s the right one.

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I stepped up my blogging career.

I started to step up with blogging by attending blog events! I have also gained new friends that I hope too meet soon :) And, I renewed my domain for another year! Yay! :)

I started vlogging.

Another thing is, I also started with vlogging. I am still very new to this but I hope I could be consistent with this. Hehe.

I travelled more and better.

I know I told myself last year that I won’t prioritize travelling anymore. But it’s so hard! Hahaha But this year, my travels are either just near the metro, or a laid back trip. I don’t want to travel just for the sake of seeing another place. I want to travel because I want it to be my way of relaxation while seeing more of the culture of the place. As Gerald always say, “Live like a local”. Though we can’t really look and live like a local because we always bring our camera with us. Haha.

I took a step towards settling down.

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I invested in myself.

I had my hair cut to its shortest. I regularly have facial treatments. I had my warts removed. I went shopping without looking at the price tag. I buy/eat things I want. I attended yoga classes. I am starting to be diligent with skincare. I am learning about makeup. Basically everything that contributes to boosting my self-confidence.

Even though there are not-so-good things that 2016 brought us, I am still thankful that we made it through the year. I’m sure good things happened that we might have just not appreciated that much. Despite the bad ones, hope we won’t lose hope that there will be better days to come.

I personally want 2016 to end because I want to start new. Forget the bad ones and start with good new memories. I have so much plans for 2017 and I can’t wait to start everything slowly, but surely.

Hope you had a great 2016! I am wishing everyone a better and bigger 2017 ahead! :)

It’s your turn!

  • What’s your best thing that happened to you this 2016?
  • What are your plans for 2017?

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    Good job Mei! You’ve done a lot this year and nurturing relationships is the most important! Especially for the people we care about most. :)

    Congrats on your new job, too! Been away from blogging the past months so medyo late reaction. Hehe. I hope the age difference doesn’t intimidate you. When I started working up until today, I am always the “bunso”. Yes it was a bit hard to relate and to belong at first, but it changed me. My standards and views became more mature than when I was just hanging out with friends my age. They used to call me “Nene” sa office but when I’m with friends, they call me “Manang”. Haha.

    Good luck to us in 2017. Happy New Year! :)

    1. Reply

      Thanks, Melai! Hope everything will be better at work. :)

  2. Reply

    2016 definitely stretched me to my limits, but despite all the bad things that happened, I’m still thankful that I came out of it stronger. Actually wrote something like this on my blog, too. Hehe. All the lessons I’ve learned geared me up for this coming year.
    Congrats on your achievements! Wishing all the best for you this 2017, Mei! <3

    1. Reply

      Yes, 2016 was really a tough one! But we have another year to make better things :)

  3. Reply

    I can see the shift in focus from your 2015’s wrap up to this one! I always make sure to prioritize my family and friends over anything. It’s hard with the daily desk job and constant travelling, but if there’s a will, there’s a way. I even ended up video chatting with my mom and brother on my first day in Korea since I felt homesick by just being alone for a day. Hahaha! I won’t survive working overseas, methink.

    Hope you find your rhythm on your new job! When I first started out, I’m the youngest on the project – and I still am and that made me uncomfortable for the first few weeks, lol.

    I want to try investing more on myself for this year, too. Happy new year, Mei!

    1. Reply

      Same, I won’t survive working overseas, that’s why I haven’t considered it. I mean I’m sure I can live alone, because I’ve been living away from my family for almost 10 years now, but it’s really different when you’re abroad and you can’t go home in an instant.

      Thanks, Richel! Hopefully, things would work out. Hehe yes, you should invest in yourself too, we’re not getting any younger hehehe

  4. Reply

    I’ve always wanted to try a different environment but I dont wanna do it so suddenly. I hope you are doing fine in your new surroundings. Also, we need pampering. Dont ever feel guilty about the money you spend on yourself. You deserve the treat!

    1. Reply

      Haha yes I know, that’s why I am starting slowly with the beauty-related stuff haha

      It was really tough, but it actually felt good when I tried to step out of the comfort zone. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it soon. :)

  5. Reply

    Vlogging and blogging are one of my main goals for this year, hopefully I achieve them this year. I’m happy for you because you have already invested your money to your future home. This will be an another great year for us all! Best of luck.


    1. Reply

      Goodluck to your vlogging and blogging goals! :) Let me know if you already have one so I could visit. Thanks Shane :)

  6. Reply

    I’m happy for your 2016 achievements. May you achieve more this year! I’ve checked your blogroll and all of them were directed to their respective blogs but one blogs was not showing up, I think it’s Clover and Spice? You forgot to put ://.

    1. Reply

      Thanks for the heads up! I have already fixed the blogroll. :)

  7. Reply

    Wow, so many milestones met! Congrats Mei! I’m sure 2017 will be a whole lot better for you. It’s nice knowing you’re already in a stable relationship and planning for your future. Will be here watching your vlogs and reading your blog :D

    1. Reply

      Thanks, Alissa! I wish the same for you! :)

  8. Reply

    2016 had been a great year for me. It gave me new career paths and new goals to achieve this 2017 and I’m so happy for the experiences. Thank you for sharing your experiences Mei!

    1. Reply

      Good for you Jan! Goodluck on your goals for this year :)

  9. Reply

    I’m so jealous you guys are able to finally settle down! It’s one of the things I’m most scared of since I’m a transitory person. I’m scared of being tied down to one place, not to mention investing really big, lol. Kudos to you guys!

    I’m also starting to be more involved with skin care since my face broke out like crazy during the latter half of the year. More blessings to come your way this 2017! :)

    1. Reply

      Btw, I have so many questions on settling down part since I’m planning to get my own place this year. Hope you can make a blog about it to help people like me decide. Thanks, Mei! :)

    2. Reply

      You’re giving me an idea! Hehe Might write a blogpost about this, just need to sort out my thoughts on how I would write it. Hehe I hope it would help you decide! If you have questions you may always tweet me :)

      Share you skincare routine din ha, hehe I haven’t completed mine yet since it’s so expensive, I am buying one buy one. Also, I don’t want to try all products at the same time, I might breakout hehe

  10. Reply

    Meiiiii!!! I miss reading your blogs!!! <3
    I can't wait for the home tour! Haha
    You are really a brave person with all these changes you made esp settling down with your boyfriend. :)
    2016 was a pain in the a** for the entire universe with all the tragic news. It was just a so-so for me since I was mostly working but yeaa it was all good :)
    I have plans to travel this year and I hope and pray that I can finally set foot to a foreign country. Hihi

    Auradelle // Shoot, Eat, Write

  11. Reply

    Nothing can stop anyone from traveling. Although I haven’t been on a lot of travel journey yet, I know when I finally got the chance, nothing can ever stop me. Hihi. So please do travel and share with us your experience!

  12. Reply

    This is very inspiring, I hope I’ll be able to step up my game when it comes to relationships and decisions as well. And to start vlogging too! Also looking forward to more vlogs from ou!

    -margaux / suburnedumbrellas.wordpress.com

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