2015: The Year of Travel

If I would have to describe 2014 in one word, it would be FOOD, because all throughout the year, I’ve eaten a lot, it may be from a fancy restaurant or just a simple kiosk in the mall. It’s the year when I invested so much to achieve my belly fat right now, which I am struggling to get rid of. Haha. For 2015, it would definitely be TRAVEL.

I wasn’t sure how it happened because the last time I remembered, before 2014 ended, I told myself that I would only travel once a year. But I think I’m not good at keeping New Year resolutions so that obviously didn’t happen.

The Beginning

I was so bad at keeping resolutions I already ditched it on the first quarter of the year. Haha.

January, when I impulsively booked plane tickets because of the seat sale, without the assurance that Gerald would be able to come with me. (FYI, it’s so difficult for him to file for VL huhu)

By February, another out-of-nowhere thought, we wanted to go to Ilocos. With only around two weeks of preparation, we headed to Ilocandia!

Before the month ended, my friends and I went to a weekend getaway to Laguna.

Travels in Summer

I surely maximized my summer, having to spend it with the best people in my life.

It was April when the whole team went on an outing to Cagbalete Island, Quezon. Even though we weren’t able to swim because it was very low tide, we still had fun walking along the sandbar, and just simply enjoying a break from the office with the people I share stress with. Haha. They had bonfire during the night, which I missed because I was already off to dreamland. Haha.

I welcomed May, my birth month, by having an impromptu getaway with Gerald, on a Labor Day to Puerto Galera. I had two other outings with two families – my very own family and Gerald’s family.

On the second week, my family and I went to 8 waves Resort for a family outing sponsored by our company. I thought they wouldn’t like it because they prefer beach than pools, but how can they say no if it’s free? Haha.

After a week, I went to Jed’s Island Resort with Gerald’s family for their yearly summer outing. Both are in Bulacan.

A Travel Break

I wanted to take a break and actually stop travelling anymore. I really don’t know what’s up with me, not wanting to travel anymore. Haha. Maybe I had enough? Hehe But it’s Gerald who’s been wanting more! I find it funny, or cute, or just amazing how he, who used to frown whenever I tell him “Let’s go here” or “I want to visit this”, is now the one telling me places that we should explore. The more I want to stop, the more he wants to go!

And so, just to satisfy his cravings, or to relax (because he reasons out that I should go out to release stress from work, which I think is right), we went to nearby places — Tagaytay and of course, Manila (we visited National Museum).

The Main Travel Event

Our trip to Cebu last October is probably the highlight of the year. Our flight was impulsively booked on January and even after telling each other to save for this, thinking this is our only travel that year, we weren’t able to because of all the spontaneous trips that came. Until just September when we realized we only have a month to save for it. Haha.

The best part of the trip was our canyoneering adventure. The 4-hour activity is so worth it, even after my near death experience of falling from a cliff while trekking. Haha. And, jumping from the second level of Kawasan Falls which is approximately 65-ft high is one of my greatest achievements in life. Hahaha.

I think this is the best trip I’ve had so far because I’ve learned a lot about myself and Gerald. And after this, I somehow realized what “travel” really means. We also decided to go on a travel on our anniversary because this anniversary getaway was better than the usual flowers-chocolates-dinner combo. :)

Last Quarter Travels

The Cebu trip is the start of our last quarter travels, followed by a few more that are, again, last-minute plans. I wanted to take a break after our Cebu trip because we spent thousands there, haha! But how can I say no when there’s an opportunity to travel? I can earn back the money anyway. Oops! Haha

So by November, I went to La Union with my teammates for a quick weekend getaway. I wasn’t able to try surfing (boo!) because the waves are so huge that time, even my friends who have tried surfing before had to think twice. There will always be a next time, and when I go back, I’ll have to try surfing! :)

We also went to the nearby Pampanga for a teambuilding activity. It was quick, but a good breather from work stress. Just look at that relaxing view.

And for the last, but definitely not the least, travel getaway of the year, I went to Olongapo, Baguio and Sagada for Gerald’s birthday celebration.

The original plan was to spend it in Baguio but his mother invited me to come to Olongapo (G’s hometown) to celebrate it on the day itself. Early next morning, we headed to Baguio. We only spent a day there after suddenly coming up to a decision to explore Sagada. Imagine how we spent 4D/3N in three different provinces. Crazy, right? Haha. Because of the time constraint, we missed a lot of activities in Sagada, most especially spelunking. Huhu. I want to go back and explore more of Sagada, hopefully by next year!

After having traveled to different provinces in the country, I was able to discover not only new places but also new things about myself and the people around me. I also witnessed how beautiful our country is that it makes me want to explore more about the Philippines than the other neighboring countries. Of course, I would like to travel to other countries too, but I thought it’s better to explore my own country first. :)

This is the best year I have so far because a lot of good things happened that I don’t need to worry about the bad things anymore. And I am looking forward to another great 2016 ahead!

It’s your turn!

  • How did your 2015 go? What are you looking forward in 2016?
  • Which provinces did you visit this year?
  • Do you have any recommended places that I should visit soon?

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  1. Reply

    And my 2015 is my FOOD year. I gained weight, I did travel a few times but it was mostly FOOD naman for me. Glad to hear your 2015 had been really awesome. Cheers to an EVEN BETTER 2016! :D

    1. Reply

      Yay! Food is good! Haha Wish you a great 2016 ahead,may it be filled with more food! :)

  2. Reply

    This is cray! We almost have the same destinations (which is fun!) I also went to La Union, Cebu (SOUTH!!), and Ilocos this year! Then went to Cagbalete late last year. Saya!!! :) I hope next year would be more fun for you, Mei!

    1. Reply

      Actually, I noticed that these places are the mostly visited ones around my circle of friends. I’ve seen a lot who traveled there last year! Haha Wish you more adventures, Jhanz! :)

  3. Reply

    What a year for you!! You’ve been to a lot of beautiful places! I wanted to push my travel list but I don’t have friends to accompany me. Its just so hard to look for spontaneous friends these days. LOL! Sabi nila, mas maganda daw mga last minute plans kasi natutuloy. haha. Very much applicable to your post. :D

    I’ll be drafting my year end post now. YEY!

    1. Reply

      Siguro, swerte lang ako na yung friends and mga ka-work ko into travelling din. Actually isa sila sa mga nag-inspire sakin magtravel. Hehe you can travel with your boyfriend! Most of my travels, si Gerald kasama ko. Mas magastos nga lang kasi dalawa lang kami, pero keri naman. Haha.

  4. Reply

    Yay for all your travels! :) I hope you’ll have an even more amazing 2016 :)

    1. Reply

      Thank you, Pam! :)

  5. Reply

    What an amazing year! I missed Philippines more because of this post. :)

    1. Reply

      Go visit the PH na! Even just for a few weeks :)

      1. Reply

        We will soon! We’re coming home in July! Yay! <3

  6. Reply

    The Philippines is so beautiful!!! I can’t wait to go back!

    Spontaneous trips are the best! I’m so glad you got to see so many parts of the Philippines this past year! That’s a great accomplishment, and yes, you can always earn back the money spent. And hey, I’m a May baby as well.

    I wonder what 2016 would be like for us! :)

    1. Reply

      Yes, you definitely should go back and visit PH! :)

      On another hand, spontaneous trips means not-in-the-budget expenses haha

      Oh really, on which day exactly? I’m on the 16th! :)

  7. Reply

    Now that I think about it, 2015 perhaps is my year of travel as well. I got to go to some awesome places like Palaui Island, Tuguegarao, Bohol, La Union, Mt. Natib, Bangkong Kahoy, El Nido, Baguio and Zambales! This year, I’m trying to visit more museums and art galleries but of course, I wouldn’t pass up if there would be an opportunity to travel. You should and must visit El Nido. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I bet you’ll have lots of fun!

    1. Reply

      Wow, you’ve also been to a lot of provinces last year! And yes, El Nido is already on our list for this year! :)

  8. Reply

    Finally gotten around to read this! My 2015 was a year of travel, concerts, and food! I ate a lot while travelling and for this year, I have to work it off. Haha! I’ve also been to Bulacan (Jed’s), Ilocos, Tagaytay and Pampanga, etc. but you’ve been to so many! It’s cool how your boyfriend was the one pulling you to adventure at a time, haha. I’m so glad my friends also have the wanderlust in the system so we can invite each other out. 2016 will be my year for international travels but I hope I can have a few PH trips for the year -specifically a Cebu or Puerto Galera trip!

    1. Reply

      Yay for your international travels! I also want to go abroad someday, but definitely not now. Haha I want to visit more of the PH first! :)

      Yes, go for Cebu and Puerto Galera! Puerto Galera is much more feasible because it is just near the metro. Imagine, our trip there was just last minute but we made it. Haha

  9. Reply

    2015 was also my year of travel too! Finally had the chance to visit the beautiful temples of Yogyakarta in Indonesia (Borobodur and Prambanan), got lost in the urban jungles of HK, Macau, and Singapore, and ate a lot in Malaysia (KL and KK). Those were on my bucket list. I became obsessed with Asian culture because of my Asian history classes in high school and college. This 2016, I’m looking forward to visit more places in Asia! Hehe

    1. Reply

      Glad you were able to cross out items on your bucket list! :) I’ve never been interested with history, that’s my most hated subject ever haha But I also would like to visit Asian countries. I think I’d prefer that over European for now.
      I’m sure you’ll visit more this 2016! :)

  10. Reply

    […] traveled to different provinces in the country last year, I noticed that one of the challenges I encounter is booking for accommodation. Though it is […]

  11. Reply

    […] to me last year was being able to travel to twelve (12) provinces in the country. I never expected 2015 to be a year filled with travel so I’m very […]

  12. Reply

    Yay to your year 2015! I named my 2015 year “the year of travel” too. I am planning to go to Cebu this month and will try canyoneering it seems like it’s the most adventurous thing to do when in Cebu. Try visiting Bataan, they have beautiful beaches too!

    1. Reply

      Hi Camille, how was your trip to Cebu? Did you go canyoneering? :)

      1. Reply

        It was an amazing trip! We travelled the whole Cebu from North to South. Canyoneering was the best and thrilling thing I did in Cebu. You should definitely try that one. :)

        1. Reply

          Wow, how many days did it take you travelling from North to South Cebu? You should blog about that! :)

          Yes, we actually did canyoneering, as I mentioned on this post! Glad you enjoyed it! Did you jump from the Kawasan falls?

          1. Reply

            We did it for four days! And the people we meet in Cebu thinks we’re crazy about our trip. It will be on my blog soon!

            Oh yes, my bad! I remember looking for blogs about Canyoneering and Cebu, that’s when I found your blog. ♥ I only jumped the second level of the Kawasan Falls. I can’t do the 70 ft. because of the discouraging comments of our guide and it looks so high. Lels!

            1. Reply

              4 days? I also think that’s crazy! Haha I’ll look forward to your blog post :)

              The first level isn’t really allowed for jumping because it’s dangerous. Good thing you followed your guide haha

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