15-second Tour: Morning Walk

A quick tour of the busy streets of Makati, as people walk to their offices for their everyday job.

Ever since college, I never liked commuting so I lived in a dormitory near the university. Now that I am in the corporate world, I live in an apartment that is only 10-15 minute walk to the office.

I do enjoy walking in the morning, greeting the early sun, with the hopes of getting off from work early too! :)

It’s your turn!

  • Do you commute to work? Or is your office just a walking distance from where you live?
  • Do you like walking in the morning?

For better viewing, watch in HD.

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    I commute to work! Takes about 40 minutes of transport by bus and train (and a lot of walk). I don’t like walking especially if the weather is too hot but it’s good for my body so I do it anyway. Haha!

    You’re so near to your office, good job! No wasted time in the traffic of Makati/Edsa. 0_o

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      Does that 40-min commute already include the traffic? Hehe if yes, then that’s tolerable, I guess? I I commute all the way from my hometown (Cavite), the travel time can take up to 2-3 hours (that’s with really heavy traffic)!.

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        There’s no traffic in Singapore. 40 minutes is already considered long travel time here. :)

        I also live in Cavite and goes to work in McKinley. 2-3 hours travel time just one way is crazy! Haha!

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    Wow! I find living near your school or work super convenient! To be honest, I never tried living on my own yet. Maybe when I get a chance to work abroad, I’d finally experience it. I’m the namamahay kind of person that’s why I never tried living in a dorm or renting my own place yet. Of course someday, I have to get a place of my own but I’d probably bring my mom and daughter (and maybe my boyfriend when we get married) along with me sooo…… I don’t see any difference. Hahaha.

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      Parang hindi ko naman naranasan yung pamamahay. Hehe sobrang antukin ko lang talaga, kaya nakakatulog ako agad kahit saan. Haha since you’re used to being with people, baka manibago ka kapag mag-isa ka nalang hehe. Though I’ve tried to live with roomies, and I felt okay din naman. Haha

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    Ooh what a nice new series for your blog! I like this. I go to Makati often but not around the ‘corporate side’ of it, as I’d like to call it. Up to now I still have not familiarized myself with the street names, but I get around knowing the landmarks of areas I need to get to haha. It’s alright until somebody asks for directions, which, fortunately, hasn’t happened yet.

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      Actually, I am more familiar with the ‘corporate side’ because you can easily look it up on Google maps. Haha pero kapag yung mga kanto along Ayala ave na, hindi ko na alam yun. Haha.

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    I do enjoy walking if it’s not too sunny and smokey. I take the jeepney when going to work.
    I recognized the area on the video’s first second. There’s this coffee place near Rufino that you can visit. It’s called Local Edition Coffee and Tea. The place is very hippe and laid back. It’s near Greenbelt 1. You can walk and try their drinks. You surely will enjoy Mei.

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      My officemate has mentioned that cae to me, but since I’m not into coffees, I didn’t bother checking it. Haha but maybe I should suggest it to my friends, since we’re planning to see each other. :)

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    I always find living closer to the University more convenient though I sometimes hate it ’cause it’s near, eh uh you get me? Hahaha Like you can never go out without wearing the most suitable attire cause possibilities are you’ll bump in to some classmates, friends or even your crush huhu. The dormitory I am staying right now is just across our school’s gate 3, & yes! I like walking in the morning (whenever I’m not yet late). :D

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      Haha I get it! Back in college I also live a few blocks from school and even though I only need to spend 5 mins outside to buy food, I had to dress appropriately hahaha

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    I commute to and from work and I hate commuting huhuhu but I don’t have a choice. Commuting in Manila feels like dragging your a** to hell. The traffic is so terrible!!! :'(

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      Trueeee traffic talaga ang problema. If not for traffic, I’d also commute from Cavite! It only takes 30-40minutes!

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    I don’t like the daily commute so I try to live as close to my work as possible. Sadly, condos around Ortigas cost too much so I live in Shaw. My daily commute takes about 15-40mins depending on the horrible traffic. I Uber everyday cause I’m scared to take public transpo :(

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

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      Aww, mahal nga sa Ortigas. Shaw is quite near, so not bad, I guess? And another thing, taking public transpo is really scary. But we don’t have a choice :( We just need to be really careful.

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    I miss Manila. HUHU. And now I don’t commute haha. When I was in Canada, my daily commute to work was just 10 minutes. That’s how small Whitehorse is. When I was in the Philippines naman, I always rode a jeep/fx to Cubao then MRT to Makati, then bus to get to where I work. OMG. I CANNOT WITH MRT.

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      Grabe, ang dami mong sakay bago makarating ng work. I would be fine with long travel time, basta isang sakay lang. Ang hirap nung palipat-lipat pa. At grabe yung MRT talaga.

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    I wish I could live near work too! The commute and drive to Makati is just… UGH. With traffic and all, it can be as long as 1.5-2 hours and I’m just from around Trinoma area -_- I’d rather spend my money on traveling though (than rent) which is why I’m putting up with it hahahaha

    Pam x

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      Ohh, baliktad naman tayo. Hindi ko kaya magcommute talaga, kaya nagrerent ako. Haha. Trinoma-Makati should be near lang huhu at wala din kwenta ang MRT, dahil matagal din haha

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    The streets looks very near to where I did my OJT! I miss that company – although I don’t necessarily miss the busy streets of Makati! Haha! I’d love it if my workplace is just a walking distance from my home, for both financial and health reasons. But, it’s just not practical right now. I commute everyday. On average, my commute lasts for 1.5 hrs one way. So that’s 3 hrs of my daily life commuting to and from work. If I ever was allowed to work from home, that’ll be my highlight of the week! It only happened for 4 times now but I’m hopeful for more in the future. Haha!

    1. Reply

      Where did you have your OJT?
      Good thing you’re allowed to work from home! I’d love that too, but not all the time though. Haha

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    I love to walk and this is really a nice way to have a mini exercise and enjoy the nature once in a while. Hihi.

    Spices + Everything Nice | http://www.ajeinomoto.com

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      True, especially if the view is really nice :) at kung hindi mainit. hehe

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    I always walk when going to work every morning and love observing people and seeing different things while doing so! you just inspired me to post about my morning walks too! thanks!

    1. Reply

      Really? You should blog about it too! I want to know your own morning walk story :)

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